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Introducing Storgards and his new ‘Mono No Aware’ EP

Becoming part of the Groove Cartel Family with his rework of the classic “Lola’s Theme”, Sweden upcoming talent Storgards debuts on the main label with an outstanding EP called “Mono No Aware EP“.

Mono No Aware (物の哀れ) is a Japanese term for the awareness of impermanence, or transience of things, and both a transient gentle sadness (or wistfulness) at their passing as well as a longer, deeper gentle sadness about this state being the reality of life.

The EP reflects perfectly this mood. Starting with an amazing progression of sounds, “Vemodet,” in collaboration with Anckarstrom, is the opening track of the EP that rapidly goes deep with “Holmen”. “Gränden” closes this absolute piece of art with its underground and relaxing vibes, making this EP a truly travel through your soul.

We sat down with Storgards to know him more in-depth, and this is how he answered. Check for the download.

Storgards incredible new EP “Mono No Aware” is out now on our imprint so we asked him some question to find out more about it.

Hello Storgards. Glad to have you with us, may we start with an introduction of yourself?

Hey! Thank you, glad to be a part. My name is Oliver Storgärds, and as you might tell that’s why i go under ‘Storgards’ when I make music. I’m born and raised in a place called Rättvik, a small town in the middle of Sweden. Other than music I work at a place where we build machines that separates Radon from water.

When did you start producing music, and what brought you to do that?

I downloaded my first software in 2010. It was actually a former music partner that got me into producing my own stuff. Back then we produced Electro/House and Hardstyle.

What can you tell us about your brand new EP, “Mono No Aware”?

Mono No Aware is something that I’ve had in my head for some while. I thought that if I would ever create something that fits the expression, that would be the track’s title, or in this case, the whole EP title.

How does your workflow look like? Do you have a specific method when producing music or do you just write down your ideas as they come?

When it comes to ideas I use my phone a lot to record myself. It could be everything from lyrics to rhythms. But in some cases, I just play around until I get something that catches my interest. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re on to something great. And that results in a big surprise the following session because you didn’t think it sounded that good the last time you were working on it.

“Mono No Aware” has a very unique style. Is that a genre that you’d like to follow?

Thanks. Yes, I believe so, I really enjoyed making this Ep.

As a newcomer, what is important for having success in the music industry?

Well, there are no shortcuts. You have to be dedicated to what you do, always no matter what your goals might be. But I also believe it’s a lot of randomness in there as well. Let’s suppose you play your latest record to a friend who passes it to his friend, whose friend is Eric Prydz. You see my point? And of course it’s a lot of hard work involved as I mentioned, but you got to be in the right place at the right time.

Thanks to Oliver for answering our questions. You can now stream or download “Mono No Aware” via the following link.