19:26 debuts on Oddity with ‘Hundred Reasons’

Italian up-and-coming DJ and producer 19:26 debuts on Fur Coat‘s imprint Oddity with Hundred ReasonsThe tune is part of the bigger collection, Odd Echoes, Vol. 5.

Launched in 2019, 19:26 project debuted on ATLANT with a 3-track EP Last Lights From Betelgeuse. He is now beck showcasing his melodic techno sound on Oddity with Hundred Reasons. Kicking off with a minimal and feeling-good beat, the tune flows through a cinematic soundscape. Nonstop percussions and hypnotic sounds elements open up into a romantic and idealistic plucked breakdown where clean harmonies welcome a wider percussive rhythm. The soft and calm vibes of the main melody collide with the dark and obscure tempo delivering an incredible feeling of perdition.

Having debuted on ATLANT, 19:26 released a series of EPs on Notturna and he come back on ATLANT last year with 22 Police. Hundred Reasons is part of Odd Echoes, Vol. 5, Oddity annual collection that contains 20 exclusive tunes; it includes hypnotic melodic cuts from new and returning artists. With a number of artists brought together to create this magical journey, the VA showcases the label’s cohesive, yet diverse and evolving melodic sound.

19:26’s Hundred Reasons as well as the full Odd Echoes, Vol. 5 is available now via Oddity.