7 Best Secret Las Vegas Party Spots

Las Vegas is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Here are some of its secret spots for those who like to party.

New Year's Eve fireworks
New Year's Eve fireworks

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This saying has become akin to a land filled with old-school party ideas. Although there are almost infinite parties to attend and a finite amount of time to do so, it helps prioritize where to direct your partying energy. Here are some of the best party spots in Las Vegas.

Underground Bingo

You want to take a chance. Slot machines and tables do not illuminate you like a Christmas tree; you crave something more, something thrilling, something to get your heart racing. Underground Bingo is one of your best options!

This exclusive event has become both exclusive and addictive, with a musical magician in front of turntables playing you the best electronic music Vegas has to offer, combined with a man who potentially holds your fate by howling numbers.

The location of this mysterious event is only known to members of their mailing list days before the event takes place, with the catchphrase “never in the same place twice.”

Savile Row

While Underground Bingo takes a more peripatetic approach to exclusivity, Savile Row remains the most difficult club to get into. The most difficult challenge is simply getting inside the club, which is only open to members. Some may wonder, “How does one become a member?”

It’s simple to become a member, but you must dress to impress. While there is no set dress code or entrance fee, only those who can impress the doorman are given the opportunity to sign up for membership.

Do you believe you have what it takes to attend the town’s hottest party?

People drinking
People drinking

The Mansion

Tucked away in the peaceful hills, away from the crowds and busyness of the Strip, this 27000 square meter palace was designed to look like it came straight out of the 18th century, with the exception of its own on-site casino.

Unless you are a millionaire or a whale’s companion (someone who spends $500,000 per hour), the mansion will most probably stay a large, impressive house. However, if you are looking for an adventure and believe that your experience is more valuable than your money, it may be time to visit Las Vegas‘ most luxurious location. It is possibly the most opulent location in the United States.

The Laundry Room

One does not stumble into The Laundry Room, which is located in the midst of the arguably craziest club in Vegas. The only way to get in is to ask the staff for a number, which you then text with a password request. After obtaining the password, you search for a bookshelf behind which this speakeasy is hidden.

This intimate setting features a bearded mixologist, a pianist tinkling the ivories, and the chatter of the 12 patrons who would fill this venue to capacity. The fast pace of what is happening outside is beautifully juxtaposed with the calming environment inside what was once a place for people to do their laundry as if stepping into a different dimension; this is where the name of this top-secret location comes from.

When the music stops, life still goes on and that’s why DJs always need a hobby close to hand for that dreaded downtime

The Barber Shop

At first glance, this barbershop appears to have everything that a typical barbershop would have. It would not be surprising if the story ended here, given its location in the heart of the city. From the outside, three barber chairs, a small waiting area, and a bar cart to enjoy while you wait only serve to reinforce this belief.

However, if one looked further and saw what was lurking behind the back door, one would discover what appeared to be a vintage lounge that accommodates 100 people. What more could you want from a classy barbershop than a live rock and roll band and over 150 whiskeys and bourbons organized in a way that allows you to explore and expand your tasting pallet?

The Underground

This location is located in the bowels of a grand museum, as the name implies. To get in, use the password obtained from the event’s Instagram page to enter the “basement” via the elevator or the side door. Plan your visit to catch local jazz musicians experimenting with new sounds, or simply enjoy the moonshine or beer distilled in the on-site brewery.

Bourbon Bar 1923

A cigar room filled with rare and expensive whiskeys and bourbons would be the last thing on the list of things one would expect to find beneath the shops at Mandalay Palace; that is exactly what makes this find so special. The 1923 Bourbons bar is only open on Friday and Saturday nights, but it has over 50 highly regarded whiskeys and bourbons. Bring a few cigars to smoke while sipping on Sin City’s finest.

Final thoughts

Vegas is known for being outgoing, flashy, and often forgotten in a flash. However, a few establishments have recently begun to party in private; the more exclusive and unexpected, the better. Visiting any of the establishments on this list will ensure that your time on the Strip is one to remember!