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A week in (Armada) Music: Yotto, SOFI TUKKER and more

Armada has a huge week ahead of them as they welcome Yotto and Karolus back into the fold under their Something Good identity with their follow-up to ‘Rhythm (Of The Night)‘. This comes at a time when Armada is having a big week. A music video for what is expected to be the most popular song of the summer will also be released by D.O.D., and it will also be shown elsewhere. SOFI TUKKER collaborates with Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano on the feature record for the MLS Season Pass advertisement on Apple TV and Sasson and Nathan Nicholson dropping Blue feat SOMMA.

Yotto and Karolus Viitala release Rhythm Of The Night under Something Good alias

Otto Yliperttula, better known as Yotto, and Karolus Viitala haven’t produced a record together under their Something Good identity in more than eight years, but the Finnish producers are finally making a comeback with new music. The pair relaunched their pseudonym with a superb rendition of Corona’s iconic “Rhythm Of The Night,” which was released as their debut release on Armada Music.

Something Good’s ‘Rhythm (Of The Night)‘ draws heavily from Corona’s legendary classic of the same name, which has seen a renaissance in recent years due to younger generations discovering the song on TikTok. The track has already been played by tastemakers such as Pete Tong, Armin van Buuren, Vintage Culture, MEDUZA, Lane 8, Gorgon City, Tinlicker, Joris Voorn, Miss Monique (in her Cercle set), and more. This reimagining propels the song into the melodic techno area and into modern dance floors. The song has already been played at festivals such as Tomorrowland 2022.

Something Good is the pinnacle of dance music – Something Good say

These things are something to look forward to: neon lights, disco tunes, mustaches, muscle vehicles from the 1970s, and tank tops that don’t flatter. Going out at night, spending time with your favorite friends, and listening to influential speakers are all examples of something excellent.

Sasson (FR) x Nathan Nicholson Color Blue feat. SOMMA

Color Blue‘ is a German-French collaboration that features the eerie vocals of Nathan Nicholson and sees SOMMA and Sasson entrancing listeners at every turn. This record injects some class and sophistication into the club scene of the present day by way of its mesmerizing harmonies and its compelling beat.

SOFI TUKKER collaborates with Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano on Trompa

On their exhilarating new single titled “TROMPA,” which was released today on Armada Music, global phenomenon SOFI TUKKER have collaborated with world-renowned DJs and producers Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano. ‘TROMPA‘ is a massive collaboration between the global dance superstars and the Dutch mainstays for a summer anthem that gives the crowd something to roar about. It was premiered live at Coachella by SOFI TUKKER, and it has already been played across Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano’s most notable live sets (including the Tomorrowland mainstage).

I (Sophie) remember hearing at the samba de rodas I used to go to in Rio with my friends… it was one of those songs everyone knew and sang along to together at our ritual musical jams, everyone either dancing samba or playing an instrument. When I hear it now, years later, it still brings me right back to that time and place. Ever since making it, it’s been a staple in our DJ sets. And just as we expected, it makes people unconsciously shake their asses on another level! We’ve played it with Sunnery and Ryan at Tomorrowland in Belgium, we’ve performed it at Coachella, and it has been a part of our peak experiences. With the original inspiration being so nostalgic for Sophie, to say we are excited to finally put it out is an understatement! – SOFI TUKKER

TROMPA‘ is a song that features Portuguese singing by Sophie and Surinamese vocals by Sunnery James. It flaunts the addictive groove that is the hallmark sound of SOFI TUKKER as well as Sunnery Ryan & James Marciano’s respective signature sounds. TROMPA‘ is a euphoric slice of dance heaven that is based around a sample from a samba song that was released in the 1980s by Brazilian singers Robson Jorge & Lincoln Olivetti. This track is poised to cause rhapsodic dance parties all throughout the summer. During Major League Soccer broadcasts on Apple TV, the song will also be available to listen to.

It’s been a wonderful ride getting to the moment now that we are finally releasing ‘TROMPA’ with our friends SOFI TUKKER. We started working on this more than a year ago, through a mutual love and appreciation of each other’s music. When Sophie came with the Brazilian Portuguese lyrics the rest flowed seamlessly. It’s such a great vibe and energy that we believe really reflects what we’re all about – all four of us. We’ve been playing the track for some time in our live shows and it’s a highlight. Our fans have been asking for ages when it will be released, so now it finally is. We’re very proud of this song. – Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano