Aalson returns to Sinners with 2-track EP ’Saturation Control’


Aalson, the most prolific Sinners artist, provides us with a brand-new, powerful Saturation Control EP shortly following his releases on Spectrum, the Joris Voorn label.

Saturation Control” kicks off with a dark and ominous mood. The looping tune rotates and gets more and more present and unpleasant, as a thought stuck in one’s mind until the pressure causes everything around to erupt. The track will continue to develop toward a happy and lovely end with more knowledge and reason as a result of the break and the melancholy orchestra.

The next song, “Night Glitches,” rapidly declares a more stable universe, but the glitches we used to hear in Aalson’s music now sow mistrust. His soft and colorful pads deliver a lovely ray of hope in between nervous breakdowns and nightmares. With this EP’s second and last track, Aalson shows off a darker and more cinematic side of his creativity.

Aalson, who loves electronic music and soundtracks, has ambitions to produce his own. He consequently created his own kind of calm, melodic techno music, which he only plays live. He had the chance to perform with legendary musicians like Extrawelt, Teho, and Kiasmos because his music was released on Teho’s label, Labo T, Click Records, and German label Steyoyoke.