Aalson presents 3-track ‘Underwater EP’ via Sinners


With his new three-tracker “Underwater,” Aalson makes his long-awaited return to Sinners. The outing will be Aalson’s seventh on the imprint and we can not wait to take the leashes of this beauty. Stream and download via Sinners here.

The title track “Underwater” is built on a firm foundation consisting of a thumping kick and wide-ranging and sometimes growling lower frequencies that will take any dancefloor by storm. The overall vibe is full of melodic intensity and sonic delight. The breakdowns are particularly enticing and exciting.

Fracture” begins with a solid warm groove that gradually evolves into layers of synthesized bliss. The overall moody vibe contributes to the creation of a tense atmosphere, which Aalson expertly brings to a boil before lowering the heat – only to lead the listener to the next aural climax.

Normally, Sinners releases contain only two tracks, but this one is an exception! “Bronze,” a more laidback construct of broken beats and bright chords, is Aalson’s final track on the album. Snappy hats and swinging snare drums energize this outstanding composition of cutting-edge sounds. Close your eyes and listen thoroughly while resurfacing from an unforgettable underwater adventure!

‘Underwater’ ’’ has been for me kind of a minimalist synthesis of what I’ve learned these last few years, and an opening to a new chapter as well. While I was writing this piece, I understood more than ever before the significance of the “Less is more” rule. Be it from a technical point of view (few elements allow more room for each) or from a musical or emotional perspective (one strong melody and harmony), the minimalist aspect of producing and composing brought to this track something unique and powerful in my opinion. In the end, I do feel like this piece is a turning point for the way I see and create music. – Aalson

Aalson, the artist.

He finds his inspiration and sensibility in film scores and introspective electronic music, two genres in which imagination and emotions reign supreme. Fascinated by these emotions only music can communicate, he developed along the years a personal taste and a subtle approach to music, loaded with feelings.

Aalson refined his style by releasing on major labels such as Sinners, Atlant, Labo T, and Steyoyoke, and each of his releases offers a musical journey of rare intensity.

Because he only performs live wherever he goes around the world, he deepens his musical identity while playing it. He is a true shaman of melody because of his unmistakable energy on stage, which is close to trance. To this day, his music is still resonating in the clubs and streets of Amsterdam, Goa, Budapest, or Istanbul…