ADIN debuts on Factory 93 Records with 3-track EP ‘Garden of Mist’

Holland’s hottest underground export delivers three melodic jewels for his debut EP on Factory 93.


On his new three-trackGarden of Mist‘ EP, the underground Dutch producer creates a labyrinth of hazy grooves, marking his first foray on Factory 93 Records.

ADIN has established himself as one of Holland’s finest techno exports, resulting in him becoming a regular fixture for Insomniac, with appearances at Electric Daisy Carnivals around the world. On his Factory 93 Records debut EP, ‘Garden of Mist,’ he shows off a diverse range of production skills, dabbling in melodic and atmospheric techno sounds.

The Garden of Mist EP.

The title track is built around a delicate arpeggio that reveals a hidden world of melody through subtle and minor pitch changes. As crystalline synth textures move into the mix, the track opens into a tremendous and spacious breakdown. The track’s pounding groove returns after everything is stripped back to the core arpeggio.

With arpeggiated synths, pads, and eerie, reversed textures layered throughout, “Absolute Zero” follows a similar formula. “Rolling Walls,” the EP’s final track, is a darker affair that blends minimal grooves with luscious strings and airy pads to create a sonic template fit for the afterparty.

ADIN the artist.

The path he takes is winding but expertly crafted, drawing a parallel to his own career path in the music industry. The seasoned producer has spent the majority of his life locked away in the studio; along the way, he decided to stray from his previous moniker in order to rekindle his lifelong love of house and techno. It was a calculated but unavoidable audible that hasn’t stopped delivering outstanding ROI. The majority of his work can be found on DREEF Records, which he has established as a home base for his diverse discography. Factory 93 is a welcome addition to that list, and the reason will become clear once you follow along on his new three-journey. tracker’s

Factory 93 Records has released ADIN’s new ‘Garden of Mist’ EP, which is available everywhere.