Alan Fitzpatrick presents 2-tracker ‘Stronger / Chant’ on Factory 93

The UK-based veteran constructs a pair of nostalgia-laced techno weapons for his label debut on Factory 93.

Alan Fitzpatrick
Alan Fitzpatrick

Alan Fitzpatrick, a revered producer from Southampton, washes over with nostalgia on his new double-sided single ‘Stronger / Chant,’ his label debut on the burgeoning Factory 93 imprint.

Alan Fitzpatrick, a widely respected and in-demand producer, has carved out his own musical niche within the ever-expanding genre of techno, earning him the reputation of a seemingly unstoppable source of hit music. This ability is on full display in his Factory 93 Records debut, ‘Stronger / Chant.’

Stronger” begins with hard and crisp drums before a well-timed backspin effect leads to a piano-and-breaks combo that will transport clubbers back to 1992. As the kick returns, chopped-up diva vocals soar through the mix before everything cuts out, revealing a flurry of rave stabs. The track absorbs all the best elements of classic rave into a peak-time techno mind-melter.

This track was born during the early lockdown stages of covid. I was just reminiscing on the good old days and memories of early rave culture.” says Alan Fitzpatrick. “Nostalgia crept in a lot during this time, and I wanted to express that through the frustration of uncertainty around touring. – Alan Fitzpatrick

Chant,” with its relentless beats and chunky low-end, is a more straight-ahead warehouse workout. Ethereal vocals and pads give the track an eerie tinge as it develops, with skittering hats and claps twisting through the mix to add to its driving intensity.

A nod to the tribal techno vibes of the ‘90s and early noughties; I really love the energy in this track, and I think it’s a great pairing with ‘Stronger’ due to the fact they are very different. Both are packed with energy and I’m excited to share them with the world. – Alan Fitzpatrick

Alan Fitzpatrick has been pushing the underground culture forward for over a decade, and his debut release on Factory 93 pays homage to his roots in the best way possible.

Alan Fitzpatrick‘s new double single, ‘Stronger / Chant,’ is out now on all platforms through Factory 93 Records.