Amsterdam-based Alex Sharp delivers ‘Photons Of Life EP’


Alex Sharp ‘Photons Of Life EP’ brings the techno-vibes to the next level. The Amsterdam-based DJ and producer built a five-track EP filled with freshness.

Composed of five tracks, the EP, in reality, features the original mix of ‘Photons Of Life’ plus 4 exclusive remixes. The original version, by Alex Sharp himself, comes with a deep and progressive journey lead by the signature arpeggiator. The wind of the synth turns and evolves throughout the composition whilst maintaining the flow and hitting all the feels.

The EP comes out on Melbourne-based Recovery Collective and, if not better the head honcho to remix the track? Jydn & Amuze pick up the pace a with a rather driving and complex remix, rich in energy and punch right from the get-go via the chugging baseline. An intense mix of melodic-techno will guide you into bringing to the third remix.

Bongani then takes a more subtle and laid back yet still sticks to his roots with a driving, outdoor & progressive approach, complimenting the original perfectly. His version is the more melodic and progressive-oriented of ‘Photons Of Life EP’. It moves slightly from the main hard-techno vibes but keeping that feeling.

Alex Sharp Photons Of Life EP Recovery CollectiveOn the fourth version, moody and melancholic mastermind ALEGRA takes control. His extremely delicate direction along with the attention to detail and the way he intertwines the layers of synthesis is something that we feel is not only unmatched but is straight up world class.

Last but not least, Prodo completes the circle. The whole ‘Photons Of Life EP’ is a complete journey through the undiscovered and darker crevices of techno and Prodo remix complete it in the best way. Straight the point and full of untz, rounding up our release nicely.

We’ve talked a lot in the last period about Tale Of Us, Afterlife and their melodic-techno style. The ‘Photons Of Life EP’ is nothing but that feelings! Recovery Collective did a fantastic work with Alex Sharp and this debut EP on the label. Undeniable quality, ‘Photons Of Life EP’ has already received airplay in Europe, Australia, USA, Asia, and Canada.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]