Arctic Quest Sequoia Expedition Music

Arctic Quest just released “Sequoia” on Expedition Music

Everyone knows that Netherlands is the homeland of a lot of talents in the Dance industry. Sometimes they’re real legend recognized worldwide, sometimes are hidden with a small following, but a lot of skills.

Today is the turn of this second category with Arctic Quest, a DJ, and producer from Amersfoort, with “Sequoia.

Sequoia” is the title of Arctic Quest’s new track, his 6th release during this 2017 which is out now today on his own label, Expedition Music (The Orchard).

Sequoia was inspired by the divide and conquer strategy which suddenly seems to be back in swing for some people regarded (and influencing) world leaders (“Sequoia’s”). We need to correct them: “What unites us is greater than what divides us”. – Arctic Quest

The track seems to come directly from the years of the real house music. The fast melody that immediately enters your head it makes you want to get up and dance wherever you are. The break is a mix of excellent background percussion and colossal baseline which takes you to the buildup. Increasingly faster percussion prepare you for the explosion of sounds in the drop.

The track is a must-have on your music library. Check below for the stream and download.

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