ARTBAT returns to UPPERGROUND with Argy & Zafrir and “Tibet”

Following their successful partnership with David Guetta and Idris Elba on ‘It’s Ours’, ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND are pleased to welcome Argy and Zafrir to the label. Together, they produce the stirring and ethereal tune “Tibet.”

The music that ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND continue to produce is ideal for both listening and dancing. It’s evident that ARTBAT and UPPERGROUND are truly connecting with listeners and dancers given that the label has held showcases in a number of cities, including Tulum, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. A return to Tulum is planned for New Year’s Eve, and other showcases will take place in 2023.

If you think back five years, ARTBAT published “Tabu” on HOSH’s Fryhide; for the current release, the Ukrainian duo collaborates with “Tibet,” which flows in a similar style of driving esoteric grooves, with Argy and Zafrir.

When ARTBAT and Argy add Zafrir’s distinctive touch to their forceful and seductive track “Tibet,” it transforms into a music that will whisk you away to distant Eastern countries.

This leads you on a trip of contemplation using mystical chants and hypnotic lead arps, where each person will choose their own way on the musical journey known as Tibet.