Genish debuts on TAU with ‘Like A Dream EP’


TAU‘s first release of 2023, Like A Dream by Israeli artist Genish, continues the year’s colorful energy from 2022.

Genish, a Tel Aviv native, embraces that funky Middle Eastern spirit by fusing a worldly perspective with regional elements to produce a mesmerizing sound. His music has been signed to labels like Multi Culti and Blue Shadow among others, and this two-track CD, which is bursting with energy, highlights his exceptional skills.

The title track is the first one we hear, and it sets the rhythm off wonderfully with its rich drum programming and prominent percussion. The tension rises until Genish drops in a galloping bassline and a mangled vocal. Middle Eastern flavors infiltrate and brilliantly accentuate the vocals. The vocal plays through completely as the speed picks up, leading us into the breakdown. A mesmerizing second half demonstrates Genish’s deft touch and inherent ability to craft highly effective tracks that connect mind, body, and spirit in a wonderfully unified dance.

Drum Spell is the card’s flip side. The energetic drum pounding gives this song some lively slaps, as the title suggests. We all have a reason to scowl when an ugly, threatening b-line enters the scene. Shrouded vocals provide a melancholy quality, while the percussion is once again spot on. In contrast to the gloomy frequencies, a seductive tune washes across the low end. Hold on to your hats for the breakdown, which ushers in an intensely spooky second half when the melody, bassline, and whispering vocals come together to provide a mesmerizing symphony of unsettling vibes.

Genish has created a distinctive sound palette with roots in experimental music, an insatiable appetite for music research, and audio experimentation. This sound palette perfectly balances electronic and acoustic sounds, and Middle Eastern music is significantly influenced by precise and accurate sound design. Genish is an alchemist when it comes to music production; he has a keen sense of when and how to add the correct elements to the right mix at the right time.

Genish Like A Dream EP is out now via TAU.