PALLADIAN’s “Ocra” Album: A Journey into Warmth and Mysticism


After a successful series of collaborations and remixes with prominent artists, PALLADIAN is ready to make a significant leap forward with their first full-length release on Loci Records. Titled “Ocra,” this album is a captivating collection of memories, sceneries, visions, and hopes, all intertwined with the artist’s affection for the color “ochre.” PALLADIAN’s Mediterranean roots and their longing to explore distant lands serve as the driving forces behind the creation of this extraordinary musical work.

An Ochre-Tinged Inspiration: PALLADIAN’s album

Ocra” is a testament to the artist’s deep emotional connection with the warm hues of ochre. Although intangible, this color invokes a familiar feeling of comfort and nostalgia. PALLADIAN draws inspiration from their experiences living in a Mediterranean environment, allowing the music to evoke both a sense of familiarity and a desire to explore uncharted territories. Through their carefully selected sounds and samples, the duo skillfully communicates the warmth and mysticism that permeate the entire album.

The album’s sonic palette is rich and diverse, utilizing an array of instruments and textures to convey its intended emotions. Plucked kora, bowed strings, wooden percussion, and enchanting vocals are just a few of the meticulously chosen elements that transport listeners into a realm of ethereal warmth. PALLADIAN’s mastery lies in their ability to seamlessly blend these sounds, creating a musical tapestry that seamlessly merges downtempo and organic house, leaving the audience captivated and eager for more.

The immersive experience of “Ocra” is heightened by the artwork and song titles associated with the album. Each element contributes to the creation of an imaginary moodboard, painting a vivid picture with various shades of the telluric color ochre. The visual representation of the album further deepens the listener’s connection to the music, allowing them to embark on a multifaceted journey of the senses.

PALLADIAN: A Distinctive Musical Identity

Hailing from the Mediterranean Sea, PALLADIAN has established a strong presence in the electronic music scene by combining thoughtful harmonies, mystical textures, and energetic grooves. Their unique sound is a product of drawing inspiration from visual and emotional references, as well as meticulous research of sounds and samples. The Barcelona-based duo’s commitment to delivering a distinctive blend of downtempo and organic house sets them apart, offering a musical experience that is simultaneously immersive and thought-provoking.