Rozarc drops debut album ‘Flamacue’

Sinan Özgür Koç, also known by his stage name Rozarc, is a Berlin-based electronic music producer, drummer, and sound engineer. Flamacue is his latest production, a 12-track debut album, released on Christmas, that dives between experimental techno and down-tempo house.

Rozarc’s album Flamacue

The first song of an album is often considered the most important. It’s the song that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

S.S.7 is the first song on this album and it starts with a downtempo piano and then slowly builds into a more uptempo style. The tempo is set to a slower beat, and it has more of an IDM/technoish sound.

The second song of an album is the one that is most often overlooked. It’s not the first song, which is often the most popular or catchy, and it’s not the last song, which is often a ballad. However, it can be just as important as both of these songs. The second song on an album has to serve as a bridge between the first and final songs. It needs to have enough energy to keep listeners engaged but also needs to be slower-paced than the first song in order for listeners to wind down after a high-energy opener. Bullet Game is all these things together as the rhythmic pattern begins without a drum beat, evolves into a dancing track, and then continues with delayed harmonics and more rhythmic layers.

Sand Grains is another bridge between the IDM, glitch techno sound, and something more chill and relaxing, where the long harmonies are mixed together with raw and experimental elements. Upon the floor goes a little bit darker and acid, with slow tempo percussions and mysterious synth lines that jump into For the Sake of a Long Night. Tech-house at 120 bpm featuring analog synths, violins, and brass.

From Nomad Desires to Slow Notion, two techno records that have had part of their layers crushed by an analog OTO Biscuit walk alongside a piano. Melodic elements are then merged together for a feeling of the unknown. Lumbard features hypnotic strings and an upbeat swing-style ride that are combined with the piano from the opening track’s 128 bpm techno. Jumping into experimental techno with Buckle Up which adds brass sprays to resonant synth, which is then assaulted by distinct beats.

Ultramarine brings you the latest part of the album, with more friendly and romantic lines. H.F.W.S. includes slow tempo drums and simple but effective melodies that ends up into the closing tune, Chrome Red.

The artist: Rozarc

Rozarc music displays creative yet “in its own way still coherent” sound design ideas molded with narrative and cinematic forms, drawing elements from Techno, Tech-House, Industrial, Synthwave, Downtempo, and hardly defined genres like IDM.

Odds Are Tough, his debut EP, was published in 2019. The EP was saturated, dynamically rich, with barely alive transients. The EP could be considered niche because all 5 songs deviate greatly from the standards of the industry-led laws of electronic music that apply in the twenty-first century.

The debut album Flamacue, which draws inspiration from Instrumental Electronica, Downtempo, Industrial, Techno, Tech-House, and Synthwave, was released in December 2022. A sound pallet of 12 songs paints a blank canvas with a variety of colors for 53 minutes.

Get Rozarc’s Flamacue via Bandcamp.