ARTWRK closes 2019 with Pete Dash and Keizer Jelle

Keizer Jelle ‘Chonker’ and Pete Dash ‘Bata’ are the latest two releases of ARTWRK, perfect for your New Year's Eve party

Released in a span of a week, Keizer Jelle Chonker and Pete Dash Bata are the latest releases of 2019 for ARTWRK.

What’s the best way to close 2019 with some pure house-groove music?! ARTWRK, the Netherland based house music label has the right soundtrack to close 2019 and kick-off 2020 in the right way. Starting with the return of Pete Dash on ARTWRK, the upcoming talent has brought on the label his groove-tribal super catchy rhythm. Packed with percussions and an amazing dose of techy vibes Pete Dash Bata includes also a fresh and hypnotic vocal loop. The breakdown opens up with cinematic melodic lines, always driven by the infectious rolling main theme. Surely a track to inflame the dancefloor!

Keizer Jelle Chonker goes way techier and housy with an incredible catchy top vocal and rolling percussive rhythm. Influenced by classic rave and old-school hip hop music, the record features also some acid elements as well as fresh and unique sounds.

Both tunes are now available via ARTWRK that has imposed itself as one of the most rapidly growing labels on the industry. You can download Keizer Jelle Chonker here and Pete Dash Bata here.