Austin Blau
Austin Blau

Celebrate Cyberpunk 2077 release with Austin Blau ‘Night City’ single

"The rhythms I introduced and the driving distorted bass patterns are all a reflection of the life of Night City"

Presented in 2012, after 8 long years Cyberpunk 2077 is at the door with less than a day left for the official release and, what a better way to celebrate if not with some brand new cyberpunk-inspired song as Austin Blau‘s new single Night City?

Clearly inspired by the game as well as the cyberpunk overall style, the track is a massive work you’ll love. Kicking off with a long and cinematic melody that slowly welcomes you in Night City, the sounds immediately become more captivating and aggressive. The wide electronic baseline pairs with a downtempo synth-wave inspired beat that will throw you in zero time in the darkest and dangerous corner of the city. Dark, deep, mysterious ambient sound leaves you dazed and confused in unknown locations to drag you right away inside the action with another fast and dynamic second drop.

I wrote this song as a love letter to the cyberpunk genre and the lore of the orignal boardgame, as well as the upcoming CD Projekt Red game “Cyberpunk 2077”. I’ve always been a huge sci fi fan, but cyberpunk has always captured my ears and had a certain mood that I needed to represent in my music, but surprisingly when I started writing EDM this is what came out naturally. This is just the start of more songs I’m gonna create in this style and I may never stop, since it comes so naturally and I’m in love with the atmosphere this style of music and visuals brings.

I was always trying to capture the sound of the desolate buildings and the blinding neon lights, so “Night City” became what I had always imagined the sound to be in my head. The rhythms I introduced and the driving distorted bass patterns are all a reflection of the life of Night City and what it would feel like to live in that futuristic city. I hope that the atmosphere in this song and the driving nature of the synthesizers will resonate with you. This song is more of an approach to capturing a vibe and mood of a cyberpunk city than to try and be a song without a purpose. – Austin Blau

Released on all the major streaming platforms, Austin Blau Night City can be streamed below. Cyberpunk 2077 comes with a massive soundtrack inspired by sci-fi, futuristic, and techno sounds you may like.


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