AWAKEND talks about his new EP Memories From Another Life’

  • Awakend’s incredible new single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up,’ featuring vocalist Luma, is released as part of his debut EP ‘Memories From Another Life,’ on Enhanced (download)- a scintillating EP that showcases the Minnesota native’s ever-evolving sound to represent the many lives we live, whether in real life or in our imagination.

Following a breakout year that included appearances on labels like Proximity, Enhanced Music, and Ophelia, as well as remixes for dance heavyweights like Jason Ross, Seven Lions, Au5, and more, Awakend releases his highly anticipated debut EP ‘Memories From Another Life‘ on September 3rd.

With fan favorites such as TRVES’ ‘Floating Through The Sky’ and Monika Santucci’s ‘Lost When You’re Away,’ AWAKEND also enlists the talents of Luma and Sammy Plotkin for ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’ and ‘Break Through,’ respectively, putting a spotlight on the immensely talented collaborators to give his songs unforgettable substance.

At the core of the EP, we find AWAKEND’s unique production and songwriting approach with his singular sound design is built around mammoth wall-of-sound synths, striking rhythms, exquisitely punchy drums, and polished FX, whilst featuring a distinguished musicality thanks to the luscious melodies in his songwriting. The combination of all of these elements perfectly supports the stellar vocals that appear throughout the project, resulting in a transcendent five-track EP that strikes the perfect balance between nostalgic and euphoric.

I’ve always been drawn to the idea that we’ve all lived many lives; some more than others. This concept often comes up in the books and movies that I’m drawn to. Sometimes, my dreams actually feel as though I’m somewhere else, in another life. Those dreams are often so real that they feel like an alternate reality to me.

When I decided to put together this EP, the name came to me immediately. Crystal Memories was written about this notion that two people could meet each other in another lifetime after theirs had ended. ‘I don’t know when but we’ll meet again’ was this lyric I had stuck in my head so I turned it into the chorus for that particular song.

The other thing about this EP that gives the name meaning is that some of these songs were initially conceived of two + years ago while some were started earlier this year. Some of these songs almost feel as though they came from another lifetime.’ – AWAKEND

Awakend is a name to watch in the future of dance music, with a stacked portfolio of tracks including collaborations with Seven Lions, Jason Ross, and Au5, as well as sharing the stage with the likes of Ferry Corsten, ARMNHMR, Jason Ross, and others already this year.