Tucker & Bloom DJ traveling bag
Tucker & Bloom DJ traveling bag

Bags and Backpacks for traveling DJs made to last: Tucker & Bloom

With the pandemic under control, borders are reopening, and international travels are day by day more common. The U.S. has recently opened its bother to fully vaccinated travelers. These new measures will let festival-goers finally come back to the States to enjoy the biggest events on the planet such as Electric Daisy Carnival and Ultra Music Festival.

Besides thinking of passports, booking the flights and hotel, and buying the events’ tickets, the most important thing when traveling is packing. What to bring with you and whit what suitcase? And, if you’re a DJ, maybe playing the old classic vinyl records, this could be one of the biggest issues when traveling. There’s tons of solution out there but, there’s one, in particular, we feel safe to talk about when it comes to quality, prices, and overall coolness.

Tucker & Bloom and their travel gear.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Tucker & Bloom have you covered when it comes to travel gears and bags in general. Tucker & Bloom is a family-owned and operated bag company with over 30 years of experience in the field. Tucker & Bloom has been making bags that emphasize organization and individuality through functional design since the early year activity.

Tucker and Bloom’s designs are intended to help people who need to look professional while also offering a unique alternative to the norm. The products are made from materials that meet stringent quality, durability, and aesthetic standards. Every product is made in the United States and all the bags are handcrafted in small batches with traditional European techniques.

The DJ traveling bags’ catalog.

Tucker & Bloom catalog is pretty huge and there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s start with the Rich Medina 45 bag. If you’re an old-style DJ that always brings with you your records, this bag is what you need to keep your music safe and look cool at the same time. The bag is huge; it’s able to contain over 160 seven-inch records, DJ needles, headphones, and even more stuff. The detachable and adjustable shoulder strap comes with an ergonomic shearling pad and leather shoulder pad so you can easily bring it with you on both ways. The presence of the shock-absorbing closed-cell foam makes sure your vinyl records stay safe during your journey. You can also request a custom engraving that will be made in house personally but Tucker & Bloom team, following your requests.

Tucker & Bloom DJ Rich Medina 45 Bag
Tucker & Bloom DJ Rich Medina 45 Bag

Another bag we’ve really loved is the MUTO Record Bag. This record bag is designed to be as versatile in transit as it is in the DJ booth, with traditional top access as well as split-compartment capabilities to make on-the-go organization a breeze. The MUTO Record Bag is ready to hit the road and built to take a beating, with room for 60 records, secure trolley attachments, multiple carrying strap arrangements, quick-access side pockets, and a padded laptop sleeve. The bag has been built following the input from Eli of Soul Clap Records. Before its final version, the bag has been tested for a full year-and-a-half.

MUTO 12″ Record bag

If you need something smaller but that keeps Ticket & Bloom high-quality standard, the Leather Edition North To South Messenger Bag is what you’re looking for. This bag is designed to carry a heavy stack of records, a laptop, and still have room for the rest of your belongings, making it a great choice for DJs, business professionals, or anyone who needs a sharp-looking bag! It’s smaller and more portable than the other two but without compromising the space for your stuff.

Cosmo Baker North to South bag
Cosmo Baker North to South bag

The environmentally friendly manufacturing process.

When it came to buying clothes and accessories, most of us were only concerned with looking cool. What did our favorite musicians and celebrities put on? What do you think your friends would think of your new look? And how could you afford to keep up with the latest fashions? The more you learn about the industry, the clearer it becomes that fashion is about more than just-style.

There are a lot of important factors to consider. Climate change, economics, and human rights all play a role in the fashion industry, with fast fashion brands causing the most harm. Fast fashion brands follow trends and imitate designers, bringing fashionable items to the masses as quickly as possible. Many of these items are made by workers who are underpaid, work in hazardous conditions, and use the cheapest materials available, resulting in clothing and accessories that last only a few wears before being discarded.

Tucker & Bloom create all their products in-house. The factory employees are coworkers, not faceless robots and the company makes sure they have the right work-private life balance. In the Tucker & Bloom vision, the factory needs to be a friendly space where makers are treated as the artisans they are.

The company selects the highest-quality materials available and manufactures the products with maximum utility in mind. That means the record backpack you buy today could become your child’s diaper bag ten years from now. That means the duffel you pack for a round-the-world trip will be ready for the gym and any vacation you can think of.

If you want to find out more, we suggest checking the dedicated Tucker & Bloom’s manufacturing web page.