Bakka drops 3-track melodic EP ‘Wish We Luck’

Bakka returns to Zatar Music with a 3-track EP Wish We Luck including a special Synthapella version for each track.

Born in Bolivia and residing in the south of Brazil, Bakka initially gained attention in 2020 with his collaborations with ZAC and Ashibah on the songs Make It Better and So High, both of which have since had over 7 million Spotify streams combined.

He worked with Phonique on Spektre last year, receiving support from some of the biggest producers in the world, and now, with this most recent EP, he joins Phonique on her new label, Zatar Music.

Wish We Luck is a three-track EP that perfectly captures the love of melodic, atmospheric house music shared by the artist and label. The title track is a masterclass in building tension, with a tightly plucked lead line and gorgeous melodic flourishes building to the emotional release of a piano-led breakdown.

This EP is a true labor of love, inspired by my passion for music and the desire to create something unique and meaningful. “Wish Me Luck” is a melancholic and introspective journey, infused with arps from the Moog Subharmonicon. It’s a musical journey through the complexities of the human experience. Each track on the EP comes with a special edition Synthapella version, featuring only the synthesizers used in the original tracks. – Bakka

With its snarling, seething synth lines, What You Expect ventures farther into epic progressive house territory. Too Late, a looser, more percussion-driven organic house track, completes the set.

I am super excited to welcome Bakka with his own solo EP on Zatar becoming one of our core artists besides Fairplay and Nilu! Shortly after first running into him at a Brazilian airport a few years ago, we connected and did our first collabs. We produced many more collabs whenever I had stops in Brazil or on his recent European tour where he also performed on the first ever Zatar showcase at Ritter Butzke in Berlin alongside Korolova. – Phonique