Bedouin release long-awaited debut album “Temple of Dreams”

A Transcendent Listening Experience, Seven Years in the Making

Bedouin embarked on a seven-year trip to complete their evocative and mesmerizing debut album, which is titled “Temple of Dreams” (Human By Default).

This voyage began with a restless night spent in Ibiza and continued through the unpredictability of protests and lockdowns in New York City. Bedouin (Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe) have crafted an immersive listening experience that highlights their abilities as songwriters, lyricists, and musicians. The album consists of 15 tracks, 14 full songs, and one interlude, all of which were recorded on the L train.

Bedouin’s new album Temple Of Dreams

Bedouin live at Petra, Jordan for Cercle
Bedouin live at Petra, Jordan for Cercle

During the course of the epidemic, Abousabe and Malki devoted a significant amount of time to polishing up previously recorded material, in addition to creating, writing, singing, and working with a variety of artists on the production of new originals. The album “Temple of Dreams” is the result of these sessions; it captures the unique sound of the adaptable and forward-thinking ensemble, which draws inspiration from their Middle Eastern origin, Western upbringing, and international travels in order to connect with fans located all over the world.

Temple of Dreams is an experiment that pushes boundaries and genres and lies between what we play live and what we’re capable of writing and producing,” said Malki. “We wanted to exceed expectations and present something completely new and sonically unexpected. This is not a collection of cuts; Temple of Dreams is a deep listening experience – a journey as winding and unpredictable as the last seven years. – Bedouin

The DJ and music production pair from the United States have spent the better part of a decade honing their sound, deftly mixing their extensive aural vision and a variety of inspirations. The musicians, singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists have pioneered genre-transcending, timeless productions that have been included on some of the world’s most notable labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, All Day I Dream, and most recently on their own imprint – Human By Default. These productions have been featured on some of the world’s most notable labels. The release of “Temple of Dreams” marks yet another step forward in Malki and Abousabe’s artistic progression as well as their mysterious musical style.

Temple Of Dreams Track Highlights

Every song on “Temple of Dreams” was written, produced, and sung by Bedouin, with the assistance of other musicians on many tracks. The duo is responsible for all of the album’s lyrics, with the exception of three songs: “Tijuana,” which features the original lyrics written by J.J. Cale; “Hokema,” which features the original lyrics written by Sima Bina; and “Flore,” which features lyrics from the song “Un Ramito De Violetas” by Cecilia. All other lyrics were penned by the couple.

The entrancing, ethereal sounds and grooves of “Rise and Fall” kick-off “Temple of Dreams.” This is followed by “Coldman,” with its Eastern string sounds and sensuous vocals by Nathan Daisy. The following track, “Voices in My Head,” features vocals that are darkly enticing and bend genres while making subtle allusions to early 2000s hip hop.

The global journey continues with the waves of “Wash Away,” which were inspired by the rhythms of Tulum; “Crazy,” which featured the raspy vocals of Armenian Singer Iveta Mukuchyan; the eerie “Hokema,” which was performed by Iranian opera singer Delaram singing in Farsi; and the soulful “Flore,” which featured alluring Spanish vocals by Chico Castillo of the legendary Gypsy Kings.

Other highlights include “Enjoy the Rain,” which begins with gentle acoustic guitar chords before a swell of percussion wraps vocals by Nathan Daisy; “Aliens” and “Love and Hate,” which are dynamic, punchy house tracks; and “Fill the Space,” a mix of melodic magic, authentic instrumentation, and rolling grooves. All of these tracks can be found on the album.

The path to Temple of Dreams

Bedouin has amassed a significant body of work over the course of his fruitful career, and “Temple of Dreams” is the artist’s most accomplished work to date. After a spate of original releases, in 2020 Bedouin recorded a ground-breaking Cercle show that was filmed in Petra, Jordan. This marked the start of their record label, Human By Default, which they did in conjunction with the release of their Whistleman EP.

In addition to calling Burning Man home since 2012, the team launched their acclaimed weekly Ibiza residency and event concept SAGA in 2017, which swiftly established itself as one of the island’s most sought-after weekly parties. SAGA won multiple awards for both its residency and its events. This immersive and transportive musical experience will begin its 2023 season at Pacha on Wednesday, May 24, and will be hosted by Bedouin. The event will include a vast roster of world-class DJ talent performing against a visually fascinating backdrop.

About the artist: Bedouin

Tamer Malki and Rami Abousabe are the two individuals who make up the DJ and music production team known as Bedouin. Bedouin is headquartered in the United States. Their Middle Eastern ancestry, Western upbringing, and extensive travels across the world have provided them with a vast range of musical inspirations, all of which contribute to the band’s expansive aural vision as a whole.

They are musicians, singers, songwriters, and multi-instrumentalists, and they have pioneered a sound that is unique and timeless. This sound has connected with crowds from all four corners of the earth. Their cutting-edge productions have been released on some of the most well-known record labels in the world, including Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, and All Day I Dream, as well as their very own imprint, Human By Default, which they launched not too long ago. Remixes for Black Coffee and Virgil Abloh have been released on select major label releases by Ultra and Sony/Universal, respectively.

They have performed at notable venues such as Ushuaia, Wynn Las Vegas, and Scorpios in addition to playing at festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Art Basel. They began hosting SAGA, an award-winning weekly residency and event concept on the island of Ibiza in 2017. It is consistently regarded as one of the most popular and in-demand weekly parties on the island.

Bedouin recorded a ground-breaking set with Cercle in 2022, and the performance was filmed in Petra, Jordan. The year 2020 witnessed the start of their record label Human By Default with the release of their Whistleman EP.

Bedouin live at Petra, Jordan for Cercle