Cafe De Anatolia is bringing its one-of-its-kind show around the world

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Have you ever imagined feeling the oriental vibes and Arabian emotions without moving from your place? Cafe De Anatolia was able to deliver these sensations during its party in Italy. The Qvinto restaurant has been the place chosen for the exclusive event.

Qvinto is unique. There is care, love, and enthusiasm in every single detail. Visitors to Qvinto opt for its sentiment and one-of-a-kind gastronomic experience. The setting is unique and noteworthy. Warm, elegant, and polished atmosphere. Its refined personality may be seen in every aspect. Qvinto, which means “simplicity,” is a tiny gem located in the gorgeous Tor di Quinto park.

Took this incredible frame and put into the wonderful Cafe De Anatolia experience. Behind the decks Manuel Defil & Sander Costanzi Dj, long time Cafe De Anatolia friends.

The two released Pachamama in 2020 and they recently come back to the label with Matha.

The two have delivered a special performance made by groovy percussions, rolling rhythms, hypnotic harmonies, and dreamy lines. The perfect mix of Oriental vibes, organic music, and tribal beats brought the attendance on an extraordinary journey together with Cafe De Anatolia.

Even if the music was the key of the night, Cafe De Anatolia thought about every tiny detail; dancers carefully dressed in authentic Arabian dresses were dancing in an extraordinary reproduced oasis in the desert kind of environment.

While Manuel Defil & Sander Costanzi Dj were spinning their tunes, live music played by Mauro d’Alessadro has been another highlight of the night.

This was just the beginning so, expect brand new parties around the world with top-notch artists from Cafe De Anatolia roaster.

Cafe De Anatolia “Oriental Night” Rome
Cafe De Anatolia “Oriental Night” Rome

Credits Oriental Night by Cafe De Anatolia (Exclusive Party)

25-06-2022 Qvinto Restaurant, Rome, Italy