Ceas returns on Labo T with latest installment ‘Ego’


Long-time Labo T friend, Ceas returns on the French label with the dark melodic techno single, Ego.

Having debuted on Labo T back in 2019, Ceas has a long story with the label; Ego, in fact, marks the 8th release on Labo T by him. This new record is a pure gem of power, with a very strong atmosphere from beginning to end. The main melody is a hypnotic anthem that immediately captures our attention when we hear it. We can sense a battle between Ceas and his own Ego in this track, something tortured and creepy, but also something luminous and positive.

This continuous succession of sounds that feel distant at the beginning but collide with each other, gives an incredible depth to the track. Devoted and angelic soundscapes unfold into mysterious and gloomy beats enriched by synth works come out from the deepest part of Caes’ soul. The severe percussions paired with dreamy arpeggio and soothing harmonies transmit a sense of both peace and disorder.

Ego is just the latest of a series of incredible releases by Caes; you can hear and download Ego here or below.