Ceas Returns to Sinners with Latest EP “Atlantis”

The Electronic Music Prodigy Creates Sonic Landscapes that Transcend the Ordinary


Ceas, the electronic music prodigy, is making his highly-anticipated return to Sinners after the success of his EP “Omen” last year. He is set to unveil his latest masterpiece, “Atlantis,” which has been released on April 7th, 2023.

After starting the year successfully with up-and-coming artist Mitch de Klein from the Netherlands and his “Enigma” EP, Sinners is eager to welcome Ceas back once again. The enigmatic artist has been captivating audiences worldwide with recent releases such as “Memories” on Songspire Records, “Vanished” on Norr, and “Don’t Know” on Labo T. Following the depth of his “Omen” release last year, Ceas now reclaims the tides of “Atlantis.”

Ceas is known for his ability to create sonic landscapes that evoke otherworldly emotions, immersing listeners into a new dimension. This EP is a testament to his musical talents and his ability to craft experiences that transcend the ordinary, leaving listeners yearning for more.

The first track, “Atlantis,” thrusts its audience into a dark and heavy atmosphere where tension gives way to a dreamy, ethereal realm. Ceas’ iconic pads introduce powerful harmonies, leading to an impressive drop where an LFO synth obliterates everything in its path.

The enigmatic journey continues with “Behind The Wall,” seamlessly shifting the mood towards a danceable groove. While Ceas’ exquisite melodies showcase his talents, the undeniable groove remains at the core, always returning to energize and compel everyone in its presence to dance.