Christian Löffler returns with ‘Portal’

Christian Löffler's 'Portals' invites listeners on a transcendent journey of self-discovery

Christian Löffler
Christian Löffler

The master of melodic electronic music, Christian Löffler, keeps captivating people with his newest song, “Portals.” When Loffler works with the beautiful singer/songwriter Mogli on this project, they create a creation that goes beyond happiness and into self-reflection.

From the very beginning, the track’s hypnotic mix of rhythmic electronics and pulsing beats takes over your senses. Loffler’s signature bass-heavy soundscapes blend perfectly with Mogli’s chilled indie singing, giving the track a depth of raw emotion and introspection.

Portals symbolizes a moment in the past year when I detached myself from old habits and expectations. When working artistically for an extended period, finding new ways to express oneself can be quite nerve-wracking. One desires to explore new paths but tends to become tense quickly. With Portals, I reached a point where I shed all this baggage and simply let it happen. With this feeling, the remaining ideas and tracks for A Life also came into existence. – Christian Löffler

The most important thing about “Portals” is that it makes you think of dancing under the stars and walking through the night. The song was inspired by times of change and self-discovery. It expresses a sense of freedom and acceptance of what is unknown. As Mogli’s ethereal singing leads us through the soundscape, we are moved to welcome the unknowns of life with open arms.

In his thoughts on the song, Loffler gives us a deep understanding of how it came to be. “Portals” shows how art can change over time and how ready people are to explore new areas. Loffler and Mogli let go of old habits and expectations and get lost in the creative process, which lets their ideas run freely. The end result is a musical experience that goes beyond words and speaks to everyone.

I wrote „Portals“ on a ferry to an island looking out to the sea. I felt like I was transforming on a cellular level and I was in love with the unknown. Jumping timelines, crossing portals, while being deeply rooted in myself and my purpose. – Mogli

Christian Löffler - Portals (feat. Mogli)