Citizen Kain
Citizen Kain

Citizen Kain drops ‘Your Heart EP’ with Eleonora

A compelling, emotionally-charged musical odyssey fusing delicate melodies with propulsive beats.

Your Heart,” a stunning EP by Citizen Kain featuring Eleonora and a remix signed Fred Lenix. This intriguing three-tracker weaves emotions and powerful beats to tell an otherworldly story, reading as both emotionally charged and aggressively propelled.

The title track, “Your Heart,” is a lovely collaboration with Eleonora. It features her delicate but slightly eerie vocals. The bumpy and jolting bassline allowed the music to move and come alive. They give vitality to the underlying melody and its longing lyrics. The song has a dynamic feel that builds over time, propelling it between strong highs and deeper lows. The chord sequence creates a sense of anticipation throughout, which only eases during the breakdowns and then rises back up.

The great Fred Lenix then delivers the hard-hitting remix, complete with echoing drums. This rendition provides the original music with a bouncy yet raw sound. The strings are paired with choppy and layered voices for a well-rounded composition. Rhythmic elements appear and disappear, occasionally combining to produce a sense of depth throughout the track. This mix, infused with expertise and contagious strength, will inspire the listener with powerful and appealing sounds.

The EP concludes with “One Day“, a lighter and dreamier composition that elegantly builds its soundscape. Punchy synths and mixed beats create a throbbing ambiance that pulses with energy. The music is laced with hypnotic beats and rhythmic precision to create a compelling and incredibly bright environment. This is a dancefloor hymn that will inspire and rally dancers around the world.

From beginning to end, “Your Heart” is a beautifully produced composition. It defies musical conventions while remaining intensely personal and moving. It’s the kind of release that imprints itself on your consciousness and keeps you wondering what divine alchemy Citizen Kain will concoct next.