Collin Priest Initiated EP Safe Music

Collin Priest lands on Safe Music with ‘Initiated EP’

All the way from The Netherlands, Collin Priest drops his 2-track EP including ‘Initiated’ and ‘Giggles’.

Today we have decided to give some space to the newcomer producer Collin Priest, who has released an impressive 2-track EP on Safe Music. Featuring wide bassline, infected groovy rhythm and crazy vocal loop, ‘Initiated EP’ is a pure undiscovered gem.

Kicking off with ‘Initiated’ which has already received massive support, the tune features a clean, minimal but energetic kick+sub that perfectly match with the housy and techy percussive rhythm. Its rolling vibes make ‘Initiated’ an incredible party-starter. On the same sound is ‘Giggles’, the second tune of the EP. With faster percussions and a low-pass filter that create dynamicity on the track, ‘Giggles’ complete this wonderful 2-track collection.

Excellent combo of groove, acid elements, and catchy vocals cuts, ‘Initiated EP’ is the perfect choice for a peak-time set. Both tunes are now available for the download or you can easily stream them below. Let us know in the comment section what’s your thought; we love them!

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