Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler
Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler
Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler

Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler

A Dazzling Showcase of Progressive, Melodic, and Deep House

As the summer sun inches higher in the sky, music enthusiasts around the world brace themselves for a scorching collection of tracks that will accompany them on their sunny adventures.

This year, Colorize has once again outdone themselves with the release of their highly anticipated “Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler.” Featuring three sensational debuts from rising stars BARELO, Palisade, and Ophanim, this immaculate sampler is set to light up the summer with its unique and vibrant sounds.

Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler

The Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler is more than just a compilation of tracks; it’s a carefully curated experience designed to capture the essence of summer and all its unique vibes. Each debut artist brings their distinctive style to the table, offering a diverse range of sounds that will resonate with every listener.

BARELO – ‘Bloom’

Kicking things off with an enchanting progressive track is BARELO’s ‘Bloom.’ This talented newcomer takes listeners on a cosmic journey with his celestial production that radiates with effervescent synth lines and a bold bassline.

The expertly crafted layers of sound transport the listener to a different dimension, allowing them to lose themselves in the euphoric ambiance of ‘Bloom.’ As the song progresses, BARELO’s ability to build tension and atmosphere shines through, making it an ideal choice for those sunrise and sunset sessions by the beach.

Palisade – ‘Anything’

The Summer Sampler’s melodic centerpiece comes from Palisade’s debut offering, ‘Anything.’ With a tranquil spirit that effortlessly washes over the listener, Palisade creates an atmosphere of calm and serenity.

Gorgeous melodies intertwine gracefully over a crisp, laid-back groove, creating a perfect balance between relaxation and danceability.

‘Anything’ is the kind of track that perfectly complements lazy afternoons spent lounging poolside or stargazing under a warm, starlit sky. Palisade’s debut is a testament to the label’s talent scouting prowess and promises a bright future for this promising artist.

Ophanim – ‘Ytterligare’

Bringing the Sampler to a captivating close is Ophanim’s ‘Ytterligare.’ The Swedish talent delivers a galloping production that showcases a masterful command of rhythm and energy.

Tight percussion drives the track forward, creating an infectious groove that will undoubtedly get bodies moving on the dance floor.

Expansive sweeps and propulsive synths add depth and intensity to ‘Ytterligare,’ making it a standout addition to any summer playlist. Ophanim’s debut on Colorize marks the arrival of an artist with a distinct and dynamic sound, sure to make waves in the electronic music scene.


Colorize continues to prove why they are at the forefront of the progressive, melodic, and deep house genres with their impeccable artist selection and dedication to delivering the finest electronic music. The Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler is a testament to their commitment to nurturing rising talents and giving them a platform to shine.

As we approach the warmth and heat of summer, the Colorize 2023 Summer Sampler is the ultimate soundtrack for those seeking to embrace the singular vibes of the season. So, get ready to immerse yourself in this scintillating collection and let the music transport you to unforgettable moments under the sun and stars.