CONFLUENCE drops new single ‘My Everything’ via CNFLNC

Out on CNFLNC, London-based progressive house producer CONFLUENCE dropped his most recent single, “My Everything.” The producer has accumulated 120k streams across platforms and has been featured on the prestigious Youtube channels Wanderlust (350k subscribers – featuring artists such as Flume, The Chainsmokers, Two Feet, ODESZA, and more) and LYCKA. The producer has a BA in music production and DJ skills from the Point Blank Music School in London. Notably, CONFLUENCE performed with Alice et Moi at the debut of a partnership between the French fragrance company Guerlain and the French sports shoe company Le Coq Sportif. He played a three-hour set at the well-liked Cyberdog store in Camden Town, London, as he became more at ease with the fashion industry.

My Everything‘ is a constantly shifting audio experience that twists and flutters, fluidly altering from one moment to the next, like a moth emerging from its chrysalis. Before settling into a calming quiet of strings that have been emotionally bowed, distorted bass tones rise. In perfect unison, each note plays its part, creating a symphony of synths, a clear exhibition of CONFLUENCE’s dynamic style.

My Everything is a Progressive House and Melodic Techno track and a vibrant, positive and energetic track and I would describe it as my Summer Hit. I remember opening a random project that I started 2 years ago and decided to develop the idea and one week later, the track was completed. What inspired me when making My Everything is the vocal. At the beginning I wanted to use a vocal sample just to hear how it would sound if I was to work with a singer/songwriter and after finding the vocal line, I thought that this was actually perfect and from there I kept it and it became the official vocal of the track. – CONFLUENCE

The French-born producer’s passion to pursue music was ignited by a single unforgettable moment: His all-time favorite song, “Metropolis,” was performed live by David Guetta and Nicky Romero in 2012 in Montpellier, France. After obtaining his first DJ controller for Christmas that year, he started researching the world of electronic music and eventually discovered his voice in house music. He was positive he had caught a glimpse of his future. Expanding his abilities as an artist, he learned to produce the genre, taking inspiration from the likes of Jon Hopkins, WhoMadeWho, Moderat, M83, Adriatique, Max Cooper, and Lane 8. His music has elements of Ben Böhmer, CamelPhat, Tinlicker, and RÜFÜS DU SOL.