Crusy Things At Night Bibliothèque Dassent Matter Remix

Crusy is back on Bibliothèque Records with another monster track

The Spanish Dj and producer Crusy, from Madrid, is back on Sebjak’s burgeoning label Bibliothèque Records with his second release. After his debut record, ‘Sa Forada‘ which has been released in this spring, his new record is named ‘Things At Night‘.

This record is intelligent, groove-laden, deep house cut as the tension grows steadily throughout the track. Bass is dark and hypnotic as synth lines stab away menacingly and crisp beats up the tempo. Bringing in subtle melodies and lush atmospheres for the breakdown.

All together creates very well produced a dark and energetic record, which can work as a peak time track or during late after hours.

Stream and buy it below.

Crusy is back on Bibliothèque Records with “Things At Night” which includes also the Dassent Matter Remix.

This record also got a very nice remix from Dassent Matter and, meanwhile original is dancefloor killer, the remix is more laidback and electronic. This remix is full of tension, drama, and suspense. Tapping into almost religious, choral harmonies alongside eerie synths and low, rumbling bass, the dynamic producer finds a sound that is unusual but effective on the floor.

Stream and buy it below.

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