Australian Daiju drops Experience Album as 20-track mix

A journey through every facet of techno is what Daiju Experience album is all about. Released under The A&R Department, Experience will make happy every underground lover.

Exploring the possibilities inherent with Minimal, Techno, Organic and Progressive HouseDaiju has created an other-worldly soundscape designed to exhilarate dancefloors. Experience album marks his entrance as a prolific production and live performance artist. The album features only Daiju music; you won’t find featuring or collaborations, just Daiju’s pure style. The artist stories a path through improvisation, cultivating a relationship with his audience and delivering a thumping good time. The 20-track album is accompanied by a 6 and a half minutes mix; it includes every single record of the album perfectly mixed in a unique tune.

Born, Thivanka D. Galagedera, Daiju established himself as a well-rounded instrumentalist while producing, recording and performing with various artists and bands. Beginning in 2005, he co-produced the theme track and incidental music for Salam Café, an Australian TV comedy talk show. Later, Daiju signed with label TOTW and produced tracks for Ava NicoleFleur SalvadorFluroPhinesse and Finding Alice. After a brief stint away from the studio, buoyed by travels and experiences, Daiju returned with his new love and art-form – Electronic Music.

Influenced by Carl CoxRichie HawtinGreen Velvet & Hot Since 82, Daiju began experimenting with analog synths, drum machines, virtual instruments, and grid-based digital audio workstations. His tireless commitment to years of work has resulted in five self-released EPs across 2017 and 2018.

Thanks to his skills and the incredible touch, Daiju album is a pure gem of the genre. Every single track, as well as the one-track mixed version, are available now for the stream.

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