David Lindmer debuts on Purified with ‘Altered State EP’

David Lindmer
David Lindmer

David Lindmer, a British producer based in New York, is known for his meticulously crafted cinematic creations that span melodic techno territory. David makes a stunning debut on Nora en Pure‘s Purified Records with his two-track Altered State EP.

The title track, Altered State, embodies his immersive production style, transporting listeners to another world. The arrangement is completed by Ela Ira’s haunting vocals, which combine driving basslines and hypnotic modular leads. David expertly builds and releases tension throughout the truly captivating cut, taking listeners on a journey.

On the B side, Mission Control features hypnotic beats and rolling rhythm with a touch of melodic techno and romantic harmonies. The minimal beat on the drop brings the listener to the deep and darkest side of electronic music for a true club experience. It  creates a dramatic soundscape with eerie synths and staccato rhythm.

David Lindmer is not new to melodic and techno beats as he already landed multiple times on Running Cloud and Chromia Sounds.