Creamfields deadmau5 Friday 2019 headliner
Creamfields deadmau5 Friday 2019 headliner

Deadmau5 and YTCracker team up for ‘Antisec’

Deadmau5 and YTCracker collaborated on the catchy hip-hop and electronic mix “Antisec,” which is currently available through mau5trap label.

Their new song blends the signature sounds of both artists, creating an innovative and exciting sound that is sure to get audiences moving. With Deadmau5’s signature heavy beats and intricate sound design combined with YTCracker’s signature rap-style vocals, the song is an electrifying blend of EDM, hip hop, and pop.

On Friday, January 6th, mau5trap has released We Are Friends Vol. 11, a collection that includes “Antisec.” The album will also include songs by artists including Kasablanca, Lamorn, and LUPA.

Get ready for a high-energy and unforgettable experience with this new deadmau5 and YTCracker collaboration.

After releasing We Are Friends Vol. 11 deadmau5 recently dropped KREAM’s remix of Alive, his collaboration with Kaskade and The Moth & The Flame.

The song “Antisec” by Deadmau5 and YTCracker is a testament to their artistic vision and musical prowess. It combines powerful beats, cutting-edge sound design, and dynamic vocals to produce an absolutely unique experience. “Antisec” is a must-listen that will get you moving and have you coming back for more, whether you’re a fan of deadmau5, YTCracker, or just amazing dance music.