Denis Sulta
Denis Sulta

Denis Sulta talks new song ‘If Only I Knew’

The single is out on the French media inprint, Cercle Records

Denis Sulta‘s signature style is fully displayed in If Only I Knew, a high-energy track that sends nothing but good vibes.

It has catchy melodies, pulsating beats, and an uplifting energy that goes beyond the dance floor.

The track shows that Sulta can make music that fans and newbies alike really connect with thanks to its complex production and lively arrangement.

The track is a groove-filled trance cut that pays homage to the techno scene of the 2000s when people only cared about dancing.

If Only I Knew” was great fun to create. A lot of the time I would end up going into the studio all day and coming home with not much music created, maybe the pressure can limit my creativity. I’ll get back to my flat in the evening and sit down at the piano and just let my fingers find their way on the keys. This is exactly how ‘If Only I Knew’ came to be, in the relaxed and safe environment of my living room, not focused on any specific outcome other than something that felt honest and fun. – Denis Sulta

The artist

Hector Barbour, aka Denis Sulta, was born in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a famous DJ and electronic music artist known for his lively and varied sound.

The hit song “It’s Only Real” from 2015 made him famous right away and made him a major player in the house and techno scenes. Sulta is known for his catchy tunes and energetic DJ sets.

His music mixes house, techno, and disco sounds without any problems. He has put out music on well-known labels like Ninja Tune, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Numbers, and his own label, Sulta Selects.

Denis has also performed at Berlin’s Panorama Bar and Ibiza’s Pikes, as well as at Tomorrowland, ADE, and Printworks as part of his “Sulta Selects” takeovers.

In addition to being a great musician, Sulta also works to raise awareness about mental health issues and uses his fame to help and inspire his fans.