Disclaimr Henry Carlin Stevie Krash Higher

Disclaimr, Henry Carlin and Stevie Krash team up for ‘Higher’

Long time The Groove Cartel friend, Henry Carlin returns with a new piano house anthem, Higher, together with Disclaimr and Stevie Krash.

With his groovy and housy signature sound, Henry Carlin has always delivered good vibes when it comes to producing house music. His rework of Kryder’s K2 together with Tony Calrya or his single Jilted are just a couple of examples. Now, he’s back with a new anthem, a mix of progressive and house vibes that you’ll love.

Kicking off with a very interesting beat, Higher rapidly introduces an extraordinary vocal. The piano house vibes in the background create the base for a progression of energy. The drop is clean and simple, well balanced with a perfect distinction between the beats and the main theme. On the breakdown the track slows down, letting the listener recharge its energy for the last drop.

With the Amsterdam Dance Event running in full force, we think Higher is the perfect track to drop during both the more intimate party and the bigger ones.

Disclaimr, Henry Carlin and Stevie Krash, Higher is available for the stream and download here or below.