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DJ FM delivers an outstanding deep and dark EP called “Halo”

USA based DJ FM has just released a four tracks EP called “Halo” showcasing amazing skills on the underground music production fields.

North Carolina’s DJ FM has been a part of the southeast US dance music scene for over 15 years. Not only has he DJ-ed from Baltimore to Burning Man, as a musician he’s performed his original electronic music with a live band and always incorporates live instruments into his DJ sets. Here, the production veteran delivers the goods with live bass, guitar, and keys, blended to maximum effect in this superb deep house outing topped by the sublime vocals of Miss Julia Vo.

Directly from North Carolina DJ FM has just dropped “halo” EP on Dissident Music.

The release is made by a four tracks EP. If the original version is “happier” and overall more “colorful,” we have been attracted by the Noeal Sanger Remix. The remixed version is way too deep and dark and it features amazing baseline and percussions that makes the track wonderfull. The Halo EP is the perfect definition of underground music and we honestly love it.

DJ FAM’s “Halo” EP is currently out now everywhere via Dissident Music. you can grab a copy following this link and stream it below.

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