DONT BLINK release ‘ROCK IT UP’ with two remixes

DONT BLINK release tech house weapons ‘ROCK IT UP’ including remixes by Fancy Inc and Space Jump Salute.

DONT BLINK are continuously surprising people with their new creations; this time they have released a track with a unique sound-design and production techniques. In addition to that, ‘ROCK IT UP’ was released alongside two remixes by Fancy Inc and Space Jump Salute.

The original record is exotic and entertaining, it includes a catchy vocal loop and techy percussions.  With a rolling bassline throughout the track, Fancy Inc have increased the intensity of the track. They have made ‘ROCK IT UP’ an impressive tool for the dance-floors, creating a nonstop groovy atmosphere. Space Jump Salute has created a grinding remix by adding dark and dirty sounds. The tune is definitely changed into an exciting rhythm and the flow is just perfect for the underground lovers out there. The build-up features a great number of cymbal sounds and the drop really amuses the ears with an enticing tune.

DONT BLINK are genuinely contemplating on whether to play the original track or the remix because both of them work too well for gigs.

Dont BlinkFor those of you who don’t know, DONT BLINK is a duo project started by Styline last year. They have received massive support from Toolroom Boss, Mark Knight, Dennis Cartier, Vlad Rusu and many more. The duo had a couple of words to share about their latest release;

The original definitely is a composition of a harder sound design combine with tech house. It has our signature bassline, as well as some new elements as we feel like right now people are definitely looking for something more squeaky, weird, and unique. Of course, it comes in typical DONT BLINK fashion with an accelerating vocal sample as we keep the foot on the gas! At the start of DONT BLINK we wanted to bring together a group of artists who produce and endorse more high energetic Tech House. The more down to the floor tech house that is played in Ibiza right now is highly established, but there isn’t really such a big outlet for artists who are more on the more pumping side with a bigger bassline. Fancy Inc, as well as Space Jump Salute, are both artists we’ve been fans of for a long time and artists we knew we wanted to work together with. Fast forward and both delivered outstanding remixes on what is maybe our biggest release to date!

ROCK IT UP and the remixes are now available exclusively on Beatport and on your favorite streaming services as well. Check it out below!

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