Tony Calrya drops incredible Bootleg of Drake ‘Light Up’

The Swiss Groove Ambassador Tony Calrya has delivered a groovelicious bootleg for Drake single ‘Light Up’.

If you are a die-hard member of the groove crew you surely know Mr. Tony Calrya. With his first release on ‘Colombia’ on El Muerte Records he rapidly reached the top of the groove community thanks to his release ‘Bring Back To Life’ on Sebjak’s imprint Bibliotheque. He landed also on Tom Staar’s imprint Staar Traxx with ‘Marimba’ as well as tons of other groovy-infected records.

Last Tony Calrya presented his personal bootleg of ‘Light Up’ by Drake. Obviously, besides the iconic vocal, the track has nothing to do with the original mix. Rolling and tribal percussions guide the bootleg until the first drop, introduced by a long siren. Long and gentle bassline are mixed with organic and sounds of nature in real harmony. The second drop is where the bootleg delivers all its energy. The mix of chill and relaxing melody with hard-hitting kicks and a super groovy and tribal drop make Tony Calrya bootleg the perfect tune to warm up your party. It’s not random that the official bootleg version is called “Beach Vibe Bootleg.”

Available now for free via Tony Calrya Soundcloud page, the Drake ‘Light Up’ bootleg has nothing to envy to an official remix.