Foreign Family Collective presents edapollo’s new single ‘Only You’


Foreign Family Collective is pleased to present the newest single from multi-talented Melbourne-based producer/performer edapollo. With the single “Only You,” the artist is kicking off a busy cycle of releases.

A wonderful combination of ambient downtempo, electronica, and house music can be heard in “Only You.” The uplifting track is built around elements of island-style percussion, hazy atmospheres, a driving beat, and for the first time, edapollo’s own vocals which perfectly tie it all together.

I wrote that track when I was in the UK, back in my parents’ house and I was living there on my own for a month. It was a weird time for me. It felt lonely. I felt like I went back to a previous life I wasn’t living anymore. I set up a makeshift studio in my parents’ kitchen and came up with the track and I remember just blasting it because I was in this house in rural Devon and I could play it as loud as I want.

I was really feeling it, dancing around the kitchen, and then I realized it could use a vocal hook that repeats itself, so I started using my voice which allowed me to deliver my message a bit more, rather than searching for samples. It’s euphoric and uplifting but also has an emotional edge which sumarizes where I was at mentally, being lost and letting the music take me to a better place – edapollo

About the artist: edapollo

UK-born producer Ed Bidgood resides in Melbourne and goes by the name edapollo. He self-released two albums, “Endless Cascades” in 2019 and “Blue Spring” in 2021, both of which received high praise from critics, bloggers, and radio. Regular support from stations like BBC Radio, Sirius XM, Worldwide FM, Triple J, and others allowed him to expand his audience and add to his over 50 million streams across DSPs.

Before traveling the US in January 2023 and playing a string of sold-out events in support of Mild Minds, he debuted his live show in 2022 with sold-out performances in Melbourne (Australia) and London (UK). A new era in music will begin in 2023 with the release of the album “Technicolor Places” in July of that year and more tour dates to be revealed.

On Foreign Family Collective, “Only You” is currently available. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases of other songs.