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Edgard Mile returns with melodic-techno anthem ‘Remanence’

It's all about the house, the groove and what keeps you moving.

Belgian producer Edgard Mile returns with a new single after 8 months of hiatus called Remanence.

Exploring house, groove and techno sounds, Edgard Mile has injected all his knowledge in Remanence. Kicking off with a catchy and groovy beat, driven by a minimal arpeggio, the track jump into a melancholic drop with a wide baseline. The melodic-techno oriented main theme flows into the track bringing a feeling of freshness on the dark and deep vibes. With the percussive buildup, the tune jumps again in a hole of obscure beats and gloomy melodies.

It’s all about the house, the groove and what keeps you moving. – Edgard Mile

There’s no doubt that Edgard Mile’s Remanence is a pure gem into the underground and techno environment. Self-released by Edgard himself, the tune is available only for the streaming on the most popular platforms.

He has also launched his own podcast, a couple of months ago, called Dancin’ Horizon mixing tech and groovy beats.

You can check Edgard Mile’s Remanence below or follow this link if you want to save the record on your favorite playlist.

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