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In memory of Avicii, the guy who has changed dance music forever

Avicii, one of the greatest electronic act was found dead in Muscat, Oman at just 28-years-old.

This won’t be the usually informative article because, at the moment, there is no more information about that. I feel I need to write something because I grow up with his music and the news has been devastating.

I listened for the first time “Superlove” in 2011, not the original but the remix of Avicii. At the time there was no Shazam and I had to write the text on Google until I finally found the song. That sound bewitched me from the first moment and, needless to say, I begin listening to everything that came from him. I never stopped to listen to that song. From that moment theAviciii phenomenon became global.

More than a DJ or producer, Tim was one of the best musicians of the last 20 years and can be easily considered a genius in his field. He never stopped pushing boundaries and he was always faithful to what he was.

Will be missed, miss you already, Tim.

I would think it’s all a bad dream and to “Wake me up when it’s all over” but unfortunately it is not.

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