Our experience at ELROW Amsterdam Dance Event

ELROW Amsterdam Dance Event ADE
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It’s been a month since the annual Amsterdam Dance Event but our five-day trip to Amsterdam was so intense that we have a lot of content to share with you guys so, here we are with another editorial regarding the ADE and, more specifically, the ELROW party.

For those who don’t know what it is, ELROW is, for us, the next-generation party. To understand better the situation, let us say that ELROW is the miniature techno version of Tomorrowland.

The backstory: the idea was born in Barcelona

ELROW was born in Barcelona as a nightclub but it didn’t go so well, so, they decided to open in the morning, around 10 am, and let the party go until all day long. From that point, with the introduction of inflatables, colorful outfits, people with fancy dresses, and more, the ELROW Party began to make its voice heard. Now, in 2017, ELROW hosts its own party during the summer in Ibiza and has a world tour aimed at bringing ELROW parties all around the world.

We have joined the ELROW party in Amsterdam for ADE at De Kromhouthal. “ELROW Sambodromo Do Brasil” was the theme of the party and, as you put your feet at the entrance of the party, you can feel all the amazing vibes of ELROW. The entire location was decorated with large flowers, giant palms, and colorful mushrooms, and at the end of the dancefloor stood in all its magnificence the video projection of a giant ape.

We have always heard talked about ELROW party but we haven’t had the occasion to join one but, our first impression was 101% wonderful.

Our ELROW experience

When you join ELROW, you feel at the center of a Brazilian carnival. All this color, the amazing people that surround you, the mind-blowing music, and the massive art production make ELROW a unique party.

We have talked a lot about how about ELROW set up their party in every single detail but, at this point, the question is lawful: What about the music? Well, ELROW is a techno-tech house-oriented party, and the guests for the event are always the top DJs of the genre. DJs such as Paco Osuna, Tony Varga, Park & Sons, Andres Campo, and many more have joined ELROW for the ADE party.

All this mix of visual effects, color, music, and people make ELROW a party to participate in at least once in your life. We are not the biggest fan of Techno or Tech-house but we have enjoyed it so much, and we really can’t wait to be back to another ELROW Party.

In conclusion, if you have the occasion, go and join an ELROW Party. You won’t regret it. Thanks a lot to the ELROW organization and to Katie for inviting us. We can’t wait to join the next one.