How to Make Your Music Listening Process More Natural?

How to Make Your Music Listening Process More Natural?

Top 5 Techniques to Enhance Listening Experience without Additional Devices


Music accompanies us in our everyday activities and lets us be more productive and cheerful. Besides, it allows enjoying real art and has a positive impact on people’s mental health. However, to hear and feel every note as it was created, no distracting factors can be presented. Stereo lovers can think of the best receiver for turntable to enhance the listening experience using high techs. So all the music fans (whether they’re audiophiles or not) will learn how to be immersed in music without external irritants.

Top 5 Techniques to Enhance Listening Experience without Additional Devices

1. Darkness Sheds the Light on Music

Some nuances in music are audible only when other senses are taken away. People are not able to hear the clear sound because our brains respond to the surroundings – visual objects, mostly. We start thinking about them and follow the associations they elicit. Listening to music in the darkness prevents brains from their natural work – thinking and interacting with other human senses. As a result, it focuses only on the available object – music – to open its richness and clarity. In the darkness, we see the veridical audio world and perceive acoustics without external involvement in listening.

2. Attentional Control as a Part of Ear Training

Advanced acoustic сan enhance listening but ear training is also important to track separate elements in a complex passage, especially when dealing with powerful genres. Try to reveal any element form a single and track it while it is playing. For this purpose, one should choose a song or a melody with plenty of various elements (passages, musical instruments, etc.) but not a simple nursery rhyme, for example.

3. Right Time for Listening

Not only speakers and receivers create sound environment but a listener himself/herself. To enjoy a record, any distractions should be eliminated. That means it is hard to get great listening experience in the office or in the house that is overcrowded with guests and relatives. Try to choose the time when loneliness is possible and neither your boss or colleges nor thought about loose ends disturb you.

4. Choose the Right Acoustics

Good choice doesn’t mean buying the most expensive and tricked-out systems but getting the most appropriate ones according to space. For example, if a small room is overwhelmed with bass because of two subs connected to speakers, it will be impossible to hear natural music as an artist has created it. The placement of all the components of the acoustic system is also important – one should know where to install rear and front speakers and what distance should be met. Fortunately, no need to be a pro because the manufacturers usually deal with the acoustic components placement in their guides.

5. Vinyl for the Most Sophisticated Fans

While listening to vinyl one can hear how a sound is transforming in space, feel all the frequencies and levels. Vinyl provides very interesting ear training. When every time there’s a scratch on a record, try to hear the music. Our brains are able to fill in the missing information with sounds in moments of silence.