SIZE Records what do we have to expect?

SIZE Records, one of the best-known labels in the entire industry. Founded back in 2003 by the ex-Swedish House Mafia member Steve Angello, SIZE has become increasingly distinguishing for the high-quality music and for the amazing love for arts in general. Their artwork, advertisement campaign, merchandise and so on were designed to be unique pieces of art.

SIZE Records is more than a simple label for the fans. It’s more like a lifestyle, sometimes a religion. Their tracks are famous all over the word. From Gods by Steve Angello and AN21, Payback, Everyday of my Life and so on, SIZE has set the rules in the industry for many years.

All of this until, more or less, May 2016. After that, the label seems to have wanted to take a new road from the past.

Moving from Progressive/House music to something more techno and underground, SIZE has released three new tracks. They have been produced by the Swedish electronic band Highly Sedated that have been a particular success despite criticism of some fans.

The long awaited collaboration between the Boss, Steve, and the mysterious Canadian duo Still Young, entitled ‘Follow Me‘, was the last release of the label. Unfortunately, the track was released only in the Instrumental version. Steve, in a tweet, told that in a very short time also the vocal one would be out but, for now, nothing has been released yet.

Anyway now, it’s more than two months that nobody knows what’s the future of SIZE. Steve, in the last BBC #R1Residency, tweeted that 2017 would be full of release for SIZE not specifying the period of the release.

From the last three month to now, on the social media appears a lot of photos of SIZE signed contracts. Today, 7th February 2017, we know for sure that Eddie Thoneick, Regilio, Corey James, RavenKis, Mark Benjamin and Santez has a track confirmed on SIZE.

There are a lot of rumors and a lot of mystery under SIZE at the moment but, for now, this is the only “official” news that we have.

New music coming very soon!

Una foto pubblicata da Santez Music (@santezmusic) in data:

What do we have to expect from SIZE in 2017? We don’t know, only time can tell us. Our hope is that Steve and SIZE will come back very soon, bigger than ever.

We will let you know if there will be future informations.

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