Sonny Fodera RISE album

Sonny Fodera drops highly anticipated RISE album | Review

Sonny Fodera drops his highly anticipated RISE album via his own esteemed Solotoko imprint, after three years in the making.

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Sonny Fodera RISE 12-track album is finally here on Sonny’s imprint Solotoko.

With three years in the making, RISE marks Sonny Fodera’s most crucial body of work to date, reflecting an unforgettable few years. He has launched his best-selling label, released fiery collabs, Beatport chart-toppers and toured with shows at BBC Radio 1’s Weekend and Coachella.

Sonny Fodera RISE the album

RISE is a rollercoaster of emotions from the beginning to the end. Kicking off with the incredible The Moment featuring the wonderfull vocal of Lilly Ahlberg, the tune features shooting piano melodies as well as a deeper baseline and intimate beats. Scratch My Back with Biscits injects some electric vibes on the EP thanks to the main synth perfectly merged with a minimal percussive rhythm.

Give Me a Reason moves on the more romantic side of housy music, thanks to the stunning vocal of Janai. This doesn’t mean that the track is soft and chill, contrariwise Sonny Fodera added a very hard and top-notch drop, filled with electronic and almost-techno elements. Amazing the crescendo before the second drop.

RISE continues with Been a Long Time featuring Kideko and Alex Mills. The catchy piano melody will rapidly bring you in the middle of the dancefloor while the album introduces Control with Shannon Saunders. A wide baseline is the main pillar of this classic-house gem.

Into You marks the middle point of the album. Sonny Fodera welcomes Sinead Harnett on the vocal for a rolling house tune enriched by hypnotic melodies.

Again, the piano and downtempo beat drove Push Them Away jumping into a deep and minimal drop you didn’t expect. On the same patch, What Is Love speed up a little bit the beat with its catchy percussions.

I Got You moves to the chill, downtempo and funky vibes, featuring Josh Barry on the vocal that drives you on the 10th tune of the album. Back This Groove Up, as the name suggests, is the perfect tune to heat up the dancefloor. With its fast groovy rhythm and the filtered piano melody, the record makes you move in less than a second.

Creeper ft. Scrufizzer merges house music with a rap/hip-hop vocal creating a very fresh and original tune that anticipate the album-closing tune.

Sonny Fodera decides to go classic on his RISE album with the closing tune. Feels So Good will guide you thanks to is catchy percussive rhythm nd an iconic plucked melody. Not only as a closing album track, Feels So Good is the perfect tune to say hi to the rising sun.

Celebrating Sonny’s ear for a modern house classic with essences of electro and disco, the RISE album boasts churning dance floor jams and tracks with monumental crossover potential, perfect for radio listeners and club-goers alike. Download available here.

Sonny Fodera on October and November will be on a UK tour, celebrating the release of the album.

Sonny Fodera RISE album is a rollercoaster of feelings; from the soothing and relaxing piano melodies to the deep and minimal baseline, the whole album is a great example of Sonny's dynamicity.