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The race to the “Ibiza anthem” so far

Having a track labeled as an "Ibiza anthem" is considered a great honour to whom who produced and released it. Can these tunes race for the title?

The Balearic island of Ibiza is well renowned for setting standards in the Dance Music scene, whether is with its’ business-related Conference in May or its’ club-focused summer season, which attracts clubbers, dancers and musicians from all over the world; that’s why having a track labeled as an “Ibiza anthem” is considered a great honour to whom who produced and released it.

From Octave One’s legendary ‘Black Water’ to last year’s ‘Feel My Needs’, going through ‘Acamar’, Greece 2000, and , not so many artists have managed to create a track that perfectly incarnates the atmosphere that only the White Isle can transmit. The battle for this year’s title is still ongoing, as for now, none of the contenders has proven to get that something extra to overcome. Following are the tunes that have been doing the most damage on the Isle’s dancefloors so far; please note that this crown is usually given to a House track.

Aussie lunatic Fisher tries to replicate last year’s monumental success with You Little Beauty, a big-room Tech House track that is basically a follow-up to the Grammy-nominated ‘Losing It’. At the opposite corner we have a very different character, the Berlin-based Keinemusik founder Adam Port, that has delivered a splendid Melodic House remix for Cubicolor’s ‘No Dancers’, as well as a killer Afro House, Santana-injected remix on Moscoman’s Disco Halal, Enkidu, that is already trending in the charts. DJ Koze is obviously part of the competition, as almost every year, with his delightfully elegant take on Gerry Read’s It’ll All Be Over, which follows the path of last year’s hit ‘Pick Up’.

But now we might welcome some new contenders to the ring. The two biggest and most influencing House labels of the moment, Defected and Toolroom, have raised their weapons and released respectively Roberto Surace‘s Joys and Martin Ikin‘sHow I Feel. We covered Ikin’s release with an interview here, so let’s keep it short: Piano House shape, two strophes of female vocal, mix it well with some synths and here’s Toolroom recipe to a feel-good, hands-in-the-air House anthem. Last year it was Weiss with his ‘Feel My Needs’, now it’s Martin Ikin: Mark Knight’s label still bets on a solid vocal / piano combo to keep the title in Maidstone.

Defected early summer hasn’t been exceptional so far, with a bunch of nice remixes from David Penn, Meduza, and originals from label stalwarts Ferreck Dawn, Todd Edwards, and OFFAIAH; the quality level is high as usual, but none of these tracks has that magic touch we’re looking for. The London-based label, therefore, has now released Ruberto Surace’s hyped debut single Joys’ together with a wide and confident promotional campaign:

As certain as the sun setting across San Antonio Bay each night, throughout every Ibiza season there is a record that becomes the track of the summer. This year Roberto Surace’s ‘Joys’ is that track.

Surely at Defected are pretty well-aware that this track has potential, but selling it already as this Summer’s hottest tune could be risky, even for a label that this year celebrates its’ 20th anniversary as one of the best fit in the biz. Certainly, the early support of Marco Carola, Ilario Alicante, and many more heavyweights is reassuring: for now though, the Defected fanbase is divided about this track.

Besides these releases from the biggest House Music labels, another potential gem is unveiled, and it comes from nothing less than the French legend Laurent Garnier who teamed up with Chambray; titled ‘Feelin’ Good’, this incredible club weapon fuses an invigorating bassline with infectious piano chords to create what is sure to become a staple in many sets on the island.

Last, but certainly not least, here’s the newest deliver of the Solardo brothers who joined forces with fellow brit producer Eli Brown: XTC(download here). This envigorating Tech House banger is all about electrifying plucked synths, while a well-known vocal sample is sure to create exciting singalong moments during the always thrilling sets from the duo.

Can these tunes race for the title of “Ibiza tunes”? Only time will tell. For now, if you’re in Ibiza, have a good time and choose your favorite one!