Unraveling the Timetable of Awakenings Spring Festival 2023

Dive into the immersive world of Awakenings Spring Festival as we dissect the timetable for both days, revealing the pulsating beats and captivating performances that await techno enthusiasts at this one-of-a-kind event.

Awakenings Spring Festival 2023
Awakenings Spring Festival 2023

The wait is finally over! Awakenings Spring Festival is back and with it, the announcement of the timetable. The festival is ready to take over the Holy Ground in Houtrak (Spaarnwoude-park) for a two-day extravaganza on May 13th and 14th, 2023. After a hiatus, the festival returns to its beloved location, promising an unforgettable weekend of music, camaraderie, and pure techno bliss. As festival-goers eagerly anticipate this long-awaited event, it’s time to dive into the festival’s timetable and get a glimpse of the musical journey that awaits.

Awakenings Spring Festival Saturday Timetable Unveiled: A Techno Feast for the Senses

Awakenings Spring Festival on Saturday promises a day filled with electrifying performances across multiple stages, each showcasing a unique selection of talented artists. Let’s delve into the timetable and explore the musical landscape that awaits festival-goers.

AREA V: Main Stage Extravaganza

The heart of the festival lies in AREA V, the main stage, where some of the most renowned artists in the techno scene will unleash their sonic prowess. The day kicks off with the captivating sounds of Juliet Fox, known for her infectious blend of techno and house. Her set will set the perfect tone for the day ahead.

Following Juliet Fox, the dynamic duo Joyhauser takes the stage, bringing their high-energy performance and relentless beats to the crowd. Their unique style, characterized by powerful melodies and driving basslines, will create an irresistible urge to dance.

Next up is Anfisa Letyago, an emerging force in the techno scene. With her hypnotic soundscapes and mastery of tension and release, she will take festival-goers on a sonic journey they won’t soon forget.

As the day progresses, the stage will be graced by the presence of Adriatique, renowned for their emotionally charged and melodic techno. Their set will envelop the audience in a soundscape filled with intricate melodies and captivating rhythms.

Joris Voorn, a true icon of the electronic music world, will take over the decks during the golden hours of the evening. With his impeccable track selection and seamless mixing, he will transport the crowd into a state of pure euphoria.

And finally, the queen of techno herself, Amelie Lens, will close out the night with her energetic and powerful performance. Known for her driving basslines and unrelenting energy, she will leave festival-goers in awe as they dance the night away.


12:00 — 14:00 JULIET FOX
14:00 — 15:30 JOYHAUSER
15:30 — 17:00 ANFISA LETYAGO
17:00 — 19:00 ADRIATIQUE
19:00 — 21:00 JORIS VOORN
21:00 — 23:00 AMELIE LENS

AREA X, U, H, M, Y, and B: Exploring the Musical Cornucopia

Awakenings Spring Festival goes beyond a single-stage experience, offering a multitude of areas to explore. Each area represents a unique musical journey, allowing festival-goers to indulge in different styles and atmospheres.


AREA X will showcase Laura Van Hal‘s opening set, setting the mood for a day of captivating performances. Cynthia Spiering, Alignment, SHDW x Obscure Shape, DJ Rush, and SNTS will follow, each bringing their signature sounds and pushing the boundaries of techno.

12:00 — 14:00 LAURA VAN HAL
14:00 — 15:45 CYNTHIA SPIERING
15:45 — 17:45 ALIGNMENT
17:45 — 19:30 SHDW X OBSCURE SHAPE
19:30 — 21:15 DJ RUSH
21:15 — 22:45 SNTS


AREA U will kick off with Dana Montana‘s groovy beats, followed by Grace Dahl‘s mesmerizing tunes. Stephanie Sykes and Tommy Four Seven will join forces for a collaborative set, delivering a captivating and experimental soundscape. Daria Kolosova, Bjarki (live), and Ellen Allien will continue to elevate the energy of the stage, providing unique sonic experiences.

12:00 — 14:00 DANA MONTANA
14:00 — 15:45 GRACE DAHL
17:45 — 19:30 DARIA KOLOSOVA
19:30 — 21:00 BJARKI (LIVE)
21:00 — 23:00 ELLEN ALLIEN


AREA H will begin with Luna Ludmila‘s atmospheric sounds, leading into Benjamin Berg‘s captivating melodies. Milion will take the stage with their powerful and driving beats, followed by Pascal Benjamin‘s carefully crafted soundscapes. Jesse Maas will continue the journey with his enchanting selections, leading to the closing set by Litmus, ensuring a perfect ending to the night.

12:00 — 14:00 LUNA LUDMILA
14:00 — 15:30 BENJAMIN BERG
15:30 — 17:00 MILION
17:00 — 19:00 PASCAL BENJAMIN
19:00 — 21:00 JESSE MAAS
21:00 — 22:30 LITMUS


AREA M will offer a diverse range of sounds, from Lobster’s opening set to the collaborative performance of Kaiser x The Lady Machine. The legendary Planetary Assault Systems will deliver a mesmerizing live set, followed by the hypnotic techno of Marcel Dettmann. The dynamic duo Ben Klock x Fadi Mohem will keep the energy high, leading up to the grand finale by the renowned Nina Kraviz.

12:00 — 14:00 LOBSTER
17:15 — 19:00 MARCEL DETTMANN
19:00 — 21:00 BEN KLOCK X FADI MOHEM
21:00 — 23:00 NINA KRAVIZ


AREA Y will start with Beste Hira‘s melodic sounds, paving the way for Marrøn‘s captivating beats. Rod will bring his unique blend of house and techno to the stage, followed by Rødhåd, known for his dark and atmospheric sets that push the boundaries of the genre. Blawan will keep the energy pumping with his raw and industrial sound, leading up to the final set by Paula Temple, who is known for her intense and immersive performances that blend elements of techno, noise, and experimental music.

12:00 — 14:00 BESTE HIRA
14:00 — 15:45 MARRØN
15:45 — 17:30 ROD
17:30 — 19:30 RØDHÅD
19:30 — 21:15 BLAWAN
21:15 — 23:00 PAULA TEMPLE


In AREA B, the day begins with Bella‘s infectious grooves, setting the stage for a day of non-stop dancing. Manda Moor will follow, bringing her eclectic mix of house and techno to the crowd. Dyed Soundorom x Traumer will join forces for a captivating back-to-back set, showcasing their seamless mixing and infectious energy. Archie Hamilton x Toman will continue the journey with their groove-driven selections, paving the way for Benny Rodrigues, who is known for his infectious energy and eclectic track selection. And finally, the stage will be taken over by Kink (live), an electronic music wizard who combines live instrumentation with intricate programming to create a truly unique and unforgettable performance.

12:00 — 14:00 BELLA
14:00 — 15:30 MANDA MOOR
19:15 — 21:00 BENNY RODRIGUES
21:00 — 23:00 KINK (LIVE)

Sunday Timetable at Awakenings Spring Festival 2023

Awakenings Spring Festival timetables on Sunday promise to be another exhilarating day filled with exceptional music and unforgettable performances. The festival’s various areas, each representing a distinct stage, will host a diverse lineup of renowned artists who will take you on a sonic journey like no other.

Unleashing the Power of Techno Titans: Area V

In AREA V, the day kicks off with DEAS, known for his driving and atmospheric techno sets that create an immersive experience for the crowd. Bart Skils will follow, bringing his signature blend of energetic beats and infectious grooves. Indira Paganotto will take the stage next, showcasing her unique style that merges techno with melodic elements, setting the perfect mood for the day. The atmosphere will continue to intensify with ANNA, who is recognized for her dynamic and captivating performances. And the highlight of the night will be the collaborative set by Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati, two techno heavyweights known for their seamless chemistry and powerful techno sound. Closing the night, Reinier Zonneveld (live) will take the audience on a mesmerizing journey with his live techno performance.


12:00 – 14:00 DEAS
14:00 – 15:30 BART SKILS
15:30 – 17:00 INDIRA PAGANOTTO
17:00 – 18:30 ANNA

AREA X, U, H, M, Y, and B: A Sonic Odyssey Across Multiple Realms


In AREA M, the day starts with Brina Knauss, who will set the tone with her eclectic and melodic selections. VNTM (live) will follow, bringing their hypnotic live performance that seamlessly blends melodic techno and electronica. Patrice Bäumel will take the stage next, renowned for his emotive and introspective soundscapes. Mind Against will then grace the decks, creating a harmonious blend of melodic techno and electronica. The highlight of the evening will be Stephan Bodzin (live), whose captivating live performances are known for their intricate melodies and powerful basslines. And to close out the night, Kölsch & Kevin de Vries will deliver a captivating back-to-back set filled with melodic and uplifting techno sounds.

12:00 – 14:00 BRINA KNAUSS
14:00 – 15:45 VNTM (LIVE)
15:45 – 17:30 PATRICE BÄUMEL
17:30 – 19:30 MIND AGAINST
19:30 – 21:00 STEPHAN BODZIN (LIVE)
21:00 – 23:00 KÖLSCH & KEVIN DE VRIES


In AREA Y, the day begins with Abstract Division, known for their hypnotic and immersive techno sets. Adiel will follow, bringing her unique blend of raw and atmospheric sounds. The stage will then come alive with Colin Benders (live), a master of modular synthesis who crafts intricate and evolving soundscapes in real-time. Helena Hauff will take the audience on a journey with her intense and gritty techno sound. Speedy J, a true pioneer of the genre, will then showcase his intricate and futuristic techno soundscapes. And the night will end with Kobosil & Clara Cuvé, who will deliver a powerful and relentless techno set that will keep the crowd moving until the very end.

14:00 – 16:00 ADIEL
16:00 – 17:30 COLIN BENDERS (LIVE)
17:30 – 19:15 HELENA HAUFF
19:15 – 21:00 SPEEDY J
21:00 – 23:00 KOBOSIL & CLARA CUVÉ


AREA X will feature an eclectic mix of artists, starting with Noneoftheabove, who will set the stage with their unique blend of experimental and industrial techno. JKS & Tigerhead will follow, delivering a captivating back-to-back set filled with driving beats and intricate rhythms. Klangkuenstler will then take the audience on a journey with his infectious blend of groovy and melodic techno. Airod & Farrago will intensify the atmosphere with their hard-hitting and energetic sound. And to close out the night, AND and Rebekah will join forces for a relentless and powerful techno set that will leave the crowd craving more.

12:00 – 14:00 NONEOFTHEABOVE
14:00 – 16:00 JKS & TIGERHEAD
16:00 – 17:30 KLANGKUENSTLER
17:30 – 19:30 AIROD & FARRAGO
19:30 – 21:15 AND
21:15 – 22:45 REBEKAH


AREA U will kick off with JakoJako, known for her deep and hypnotic techno soundscapes. Raven will follow, bringing her unique blend of dark and atmospheric techno. Patrick Mason will then take the stage, showcasing his versatility with a mix of energetic and melodic techno tracks. Anetha will bring her signature hard-hitting and fast-paced sound, captivating the crowd with her relentless energy. Cera Khin will continue the journey with her unique blend of techno and experimental sounds. And Héctor Oaks will close out the night with his dynamic and genre-bending set that pushes the boundaries of techno, delivering an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

12:00 – 14:00 JAKOJAKO
14:00 – 15:45 RAVEN
15:45 – 17:45 PATRICK MASON
17:45 – 19:30 ANETHA
19:30 – 21:15 CERA KHIN
21:15 – 23:00 HÉCTOR OAKS


AREA B offers a diverse lineup of artists who will keep the energy flowing throughout the day. Julian Anthony will kick things off with his infectious blend of house and techno beats, setting the perfect vibe for the afternoon. La La will follow, captivating the crowd with her groovy and melodic selections. Kerri Chandler, a true legend of house music, will take the stage, treating the audience to his soulful and uplifting sound. Chris Stussy will continue the journey with his infectious basslines and infectious rhythms, keeping the crowd dancing from start to finish. And closing out the night, Denis Sulta will unleash his unique and energetic sound, blending elements of house, disco, and techno, ensuring a euphoric finale to Sunday’s festivities.

12:00 – 14:00 JULIAN ANTHONY
14:00 – 16:00 LA LA
16:00 – 18:00 KERRI CHANDLER
18:00 – 20:00 CHRIS STUSSY
20:00 – 22:00 DENIS SULTA


In AREA H, a diverse range of artists will take the stage, providing a mix of eclectic sounds and genres. Bastienne will open the day, setting the mood with her melodic and atmospheric selections. I-Ro will follow, bringing a fusion of house and techno with a touch of funk. Thoms Traxx will then take over, showcasing his deep and groovy sound that is sure to get the crowd moving. Beau Didier & Isaiah will continue the journey with their seamless blend of house and disco, creating an uplifting atmosphere. Cybersex will bring their unique blend of dark and ethereal sounds, adding a touch of mystique to the stage. And finally, Jeans will close out the night with their vibrant and energetic set, delivering a mix of house and techno that will leave a lasting impression.

12:00 – 14:00 BASTIENNE
14:00 – 15:45 I-RO
15:45 – 17:30 THOMS TRAXX
17:30 – 19:15 BEAU DIDIER & ISAIAH
19:15 – 21:00 CYBERSEX
21:00 – 22:30 JEANS