Enamour’s ‘Emergency Loop / Buchla Breaker’ EP

The New Enamour's EP On Factory 93 Is A Driving and Dreamy Dancefloor Journey

Insomniac’s underground imprint Factory 93 welcomes back long-time friend, Enamour for an exciting new EP, Emergency Loop / Buchla Breaker.

Enamour, hailing from Los Angeles, has crafted a unique sound that seamlessly blends warping grooves with dreamy atmospheres, making it perfect for bustling club settings and late-night dance floors. With a catalog that includes releases on labels like Last Night On Earth, Get Physical, Anjunadeep, and Desert Hearts Black, Enamour has established himself as a versatile and in-demand producer.

After making a captivating debut on Factory 93 with his ‘Blue Rose / Red Room’ EP in January, Enamour returns to the label with a two-track offering titled ‘Emergency Loop / Buchla Breaker’. The EP is bursting with driving tones and unexpected surprises that showcase Enamour’s production skills.

The EP opens with ‘Emergency Loop’, a dark and menacing track that features snarling synths, breaks-laced percussion, and haunting tones buried deep within the mix. It’s a commanding track that’s guaranteed to send crowds into a frenzy and set the tone for a night of high-energy dancing.

On the other hand, ‘Buchla Breaker’ takes a slightly more restrained approach, guided by modular synths before diving into a rattling percussion-driven trip that will keep the dance floor moving. Enamour’s ability to seamlessly transition from driving tones to dreamy atmospheres is on full display with this track, making it a perfect addition to the EP.

In conclusion, Enamour’s ‘Emergency Loop / Buchla Breaker’ EP is a testament to his versatile production skills and his ability to craft tracks that seamlessly blend driving tones with dreamy atmospheres. It’s a must-listen for fans of techno and progressive house, and a perfect addition to Factory 93’s impressive roster of releases.