Entel drops final single ‘Reflections’ on his brand new imprint

Entel’s goal is to create a freeing environment on a dance floor that encourages one to lose themselves in a moment

US-based DJ and producer Entel just dropped his last of five singles, Reflections, part of the launch of his new imprint Entelect.

Entel is a Melodic Techno & Progressive House Producer / DJ from Columbus, Ohio. With a focus on emotional and melodic music that pulls its listener in, Entel’s goal is to create a freeing environment on a dance floor that encourages one to lose themselves in a moment. He recently started his own record label called Entelect and, to celebrate the launch Entel released five new singles that can be easily considered as an EP.

From Whispers to the last tune, Reflections, the five tunes retrace Entel’s musical journey made by dreamy melodic progressions and minimal beats. Kicking off with Whispers released some weeks ago, the track is the most aggressive of the series. With its hypnotic main theme that flows on the wide baseline, the tune features unceasing crescendo and soothing melodies that will make you lose your mind on the dancefloor. Up next Rhae/Ghost is a 2-track release, as the two names suggest. The two records discover a deeper and darker environment, with moody and mysterious lines driven by a narcotic arpeggio and melodic progression present in both tunes.

Atlas moves a bit from the previous records, following a more progressive and dreamy path. With its euphoric theme, the record is perfect for bigger stages and festivals. Last but not least, Reflections marks the closing of this release series. Kicking off with a deep bassline, evolving into a melodic soundscape, Reflections is the only of the 5 songs featuring a vocal. The melody is meant to pull a listener in, complimenting the vocal line with an energetic atmosphere. The tune is a progressive ode to realizing what we have in front of us and appreciating it in the moments that matter most.

All five tunes are available via Entel’s socials or below.

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