Equinøx presents new single ‘Mesmerize’

The tuen comes out after the succesful release of the 2-track EP ‘Tear Apart/The Answer’

Having debuted on Be Yourself Music back in May of last year, Equinøx returns with another successful release, Mesmerize.

The demand for Equinøx ‘s “Tear Apart/The Answer” is led by Joris Voorn and Paul van Dyk. Six minutes of mystical, tech-stimulated progressive music later, the response to “Mesmerize” will undoubtedly be the same.

Digital raindrops are propelled along by turbo-injected chord changes in this timeless game of opposites, measuring the precise separation between a black hole and the final frontier.

The route constantly feels as though danger is just around the corner, but Equinøx ‘s skilled navigation embraces the anxiety to smoothly float away from whatever waits below. Get fired up and succumb to its allure.

Italian DJ/Producer Equinøx, whose real name is Matteo Corradi, is based in Milan. Equinøx draws influence from progressive house and melodic techno as he develops his unique style to rank among the leaders of these subgenres. One and only the melodies serve as the unifying denominator in all of his musical creations, which span from pure energy to deeper and more authentic sounds.