Fatima Hajji
Fatima Hajji

Fatima Hajji debuts on Factory 93 with ‘Antracita/Konfi’

The iconic underground dance music label Factory 93 has officially released the highly awaited debut double release Antracita/Konfi, from Spanish DJ and producer Fatima Hajji.

Fatima Hajji is one of the most sought-after musicians in the dance music world and her debut on Factory 93 is a significant turning point in her career. She is known for her strong and energizing approach. Fatima Hajji is certain to have a huge impact on Factory 93 and the dance music scene as a whole with her cutting-edge production abilities and dancefloor prowess.

The two tracks showcase Fatima’s signature style, blending powerful beats with intricate sound design and dynamic percussions to create a truly unforgettable experience. “Antracita” is a driving techno track that is sure to get audiences moving with its relentless energy and driving basslines. On the other hand, “Konfi” takes things in a more experimental direction, blending elements of techno and house to create a mesmerizing and atmospheric experience but keeping the energy high.

Both tracks demonstrate Fatima’s versatility and production skills, delivering an unforgettable experience for listeners. With its innovative sound and powerful energy, Fatima Hajji’s double single “Antracita/Konfi” is a must-listen for anyone who loves techno, house, or just great dance music.

The double release, Antracita/Konfi is currently out now via Factory 93.